January 2021 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. True or False. Ancient Olympians were pure amateurs. The only awards they accepted were olive wreaths placed upon their brows in victory. ....Answer

  • 2. What brother-sister team can both claim to having won a pair of U.S. cross-country title--the brother in the mid-1960s and his sister in the 1970s? They both also made the U.S. Olympic track team. ..... Answer

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  • 3. Name the runner in the above photo. ..... Answer

  • 4.Name three former world record holders in the men's mile who later held high political office. .....Answer

  • 5. The medal-winning times in the 1932 Olympic steeplechase at Los Angeles were significantly slower than expected because: .....Answer

  • 6. One of the top steeplechaers in the world for three straight Olympic Games, this two-time medal winner died in a car crash in 1981. .....Answer

  • 7. In the history of the men's marathon, which runner set the world "record" a record four times? .....Answer

  • 8. She won three consecutive Boston Marathons and in 1996 became the first African woman to win the Olympic Marathon. .....Answer

  • 9. She set six world records in 1982, including at 5000 and 10,000 meters.
    1. Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway;
    2. Olga Bondarenko of the Soviet Union;
    3. Zola Budd of South Africa;
    4. Mary Decker Slaney of the U.S.A.

  • 10. Only one British man in the history of the Olympic Games has won both the 800 and 1500. He was:
    1. Albert Hill;
    2. Steve Ovett;
    3. Sebastien Coe;
    4. Peter Snell.
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