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"A Scientific Approach learned through experience."
Compare us to any other triathlon coaching service and you will not find an equivalent combination of elite triathlon background, level of education or professional experience in nutrition, dietetics, or metabolic research. The services that we provide are the product of personal application of this experience and scientific, proven principles in triathlon training and competition.

Marcus A. Garand, RD is the Director of Sports Nutrition for NYC Triathlon Consulting Services. He received a B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics at the University of Vermont in 1998 and completed a one year Didactic Internship at Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Affairs Hospital in Chicago in 1999. Marcus has developed thousands of personalized nutrition plans in the areas of sports nutrition, weight management and for various disease states. He specializes in providing clients with cutting edge nutrition information and education based on current scientific research.

Molly Gerster, MS, RD is a sports nutritionist for NYC Triathlon Consulting Services. She received her Masters in Nutrition from New York University in 2002, while completing a one-year dietetic internship at the Bronx Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She graduated from Bates College in 1999 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Molly has extensive experience in developing nutrition plans to promote optimum performance and achieve desired body weight. While training for and competing in numerous triathlons, Molly has become acutely aware of the unique and powerful effect of proper diet on triathlon performance.

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