New Zealand

The Hawkes Bay Multisports Club is based around the cities of NAPIER and HASTINGS, on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
The Club is mainly Triathlon based with a strong Ironman representation. However, there is a strong resurgence of interest in Kayak based multisports events.
The Hawkes Bay area is an agricultural, winegrowing and orchard centre. We enjoy a temperate climate. Summer, 30-32*C max. Winter, frosts but no snow except on higher ground. The twin cities of Napier/Hastings have a combined population of around 100,000 people. All facilities are present and are of a generally high standard.
The H.B.Multisports Club has, in the past, hosted Triathletes from various parts of the world who have taken advantage of the superb training conditions available in this area.
Swimming: Several indoor heated 25m pools. Sheltered open water sea swimming right on the doorstep of Napier city.
Cycling: Miles of well sealed, well maintained country roads providing a mix of flat to steep. Great cycling with low traffic densities. Group rides every weekend, cycle races most Saturdays.
Running: Road and off-road close to both cities. Forest and farmland, city streets and country roads. Safe and user-friendly. Active local running clubs, both recreational and competitive.
The Club: Around 100 members, most involved in Triathlon. A good group of friendly people, some very well travelled, with a good sprinkling of Ironmen and N.Z. representatives.

The Club actively encourage overseas triathletes to spend time in Hawkes Bay, whether in preparation for the NZ Ironman, as a training venue during the northern winter or just for a break. We can help with initial accommodation, arrangements for training, etc.etc.
The cost of living is broadly similar that in the US, but the present exchange rate is extremely favourable for visitors, $US1 to $NZ 1.90 making for a relatively cheap stay.

Contact: Hawkes Bay Multisports Club,
PO Box 5117,
Napier, New Zealand.
Or: Owen Cleverton, 9 Lancaster St., Napier, New Zealand. or phone: (NZ code) (6) 8446 258;

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