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Posted: September 8, 2003

Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's End Of Summer Update

Well, itís not quite the end of summer, but it sure feels like fall has rolled in to Victoria, so I wanted to give you an update on my fall training and racing plans.

My Pan American Games report is now posted. Itís been a long time coming, I know, I tried to take a bit of a holiday afterwards, and since it wasnít one of my best performances I put it offÖ

After I returned from the Dominican I was really glad to get home to Victoria again Ė ahhh fresh air (coming from Santo Domingo)! Soon enough I was on a plane again, this time to my sisterís wedding in Toronto. It was great to see my whole family again and of course see my big sister get married to former Olympian (marathon í96) and all around great guy Peter Fonseca. Iím going to have to get used to calling her Mrs. Fonseca! You can check out a photo of us here:

My next big race isnít until the end of October, but itís a big one. The Athens World Cup and Olympic Test Event is on October 25 and is a Canadian Olympic Team Qualifier. Itís also on the official Olympic race course so itís a great opportunity to see the course and should be an interesting race for those picking favorites for the Games. The Canadian qualifying is basically this: a top 8 and first Canadian is will be selected for the team, but even if the top Canadian isnít in the top 8, they still might end up being selected after the criteria rolls down from the next selection race in Madeira Portugal in 2004.

It feels great to actually be doing some training, as with all the racing Iíve done this summer, I havenít been able to put together a training block of longer than 3 weeks since May! In preparation for the tough Athens bike course Iím doing a lot more riding, which is great as Iíve got a new bike this year. Iím riding bikes from a Spanish company Orbea, which are just awesome! Very light and responsive Ė and I think it helps to ride the same bike as the guy that won the Alp DíHuez stage of the Tour de France this year!

My schedule for the fall consists of the Madeira World Cup the week before Athens as a tune up race, then after Athens Iím off to Cancun, and possibly Rio if all goes well (I know I knowÖ it all sounds very glamorous, but I assure you itís a lot of hard work!! J). Finally at the beginning of December, the World Championships are being held in Queenstown New Zealand. I visited Queenstown in í98 on holidays (probably the last time I had a real ďholidayĒ) and itís an awesome place so Iím looking forward to a great race there.

Overall Iím really happy with my season so far. Highlights include:
My three best World Cup finishes to date (5th, 5th and 7th)
Meeting my COC minimum Olympic Qualifying Standard
Representing Canada in my second Games Team Ė The Pan American Games
Consistently fast run splits Ė including a 35:06, and a couple other sub 36 mins runs off the bike.


Improving my ITU World Ranking to 10th!! (actually itís 11th, but the 10th place women, former world champion Siri Lindley has retired, so Iím calling it 10th!) I never thought Iíd get ranked ahead of Michillie Jones (even if just temporarily) Since Iím not racing for a while itíll probably go down again, but with a couple more solid race I think I can finish the year in the top 20 which has been a goal of mine. Next year itís to finish the year in the top ten, so Iím on my way!

Natasha Filliol
2003 Pan American Games Team Member
2002 Commonwealth Games Team Member
Canadian Elite Triathlon Team Member
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