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Posted: August 15, 2004

Olympics: A Letter to Chris Rudge, Canadian Olympic Committee

Hello Mr. Chris Rudge

I just read this article (originally published for print, now online). In the article it states "...Canada has more support staff than athletes at the Games."

Is this true Mr. Rudge? If this is not true, please let me know and respond publicly to these allegations.

If it is true, this no less scandalous then André Ouellette or the previous Privacy Commissioner, George Radwanski. This is not the way I want my taxes spent, and I am sure your sponsors would rather see their money going to athletes also. Nor is this fair to the athletes who were left behind. If the COC wishes to use non-standard methods of selection for athletes, as the article states, fine. That shouldn't mean that there is more money in the pot for COC staff, etc. to get a FREE TRIP to Athens. There needs to be a formula - something like 1 politician/support staff/media attaché for every 4 or 5 athletes.

Please set my mind at ease on this issue and tell me that the COC is there for the ATHLETES not themselves, tell me that ONE COC member turned down a FREE TRIP to Athens so an ATHLETE could go.

Most Sincerely

Onne de Boer
Cardigan, New Brunswick

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