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Posted: February 18, 2008

Health and Fitness: A Review of the Yoga for Runners DVD

By Keli Kavanagh, Ottawa Athletic Club Racing Team

As an athlete, I enjoy running, but at times find it challenging to stay loose and flexible. I was already an advocate of yoga, but Christine gives a great intro of why runners should make yoga part of their training and lifestyle. When I first received a copy of Christine Felstead's DVD: Yoga for runners, I was a little intimidated by the amount of equipment that was listed as required. As I worked through the DVD I found I was able to use a towel, or belt in place of the yoga belt. The yoga blocks may be needed to modify some poses for some athletes. A yoga mat, is preferable, but I do most of my yoga on carpeting, and have been happy for years.

The start of the DVD focuses on posture and breathing. Two things that we all should take from the DVD and incorporate into our everyday lives. The rest of the DVD is broken down into segments by muscle group. This format really allowed me to focus on releasing certain muscle areas, before moving onto others. This format also allows the busy athlete to easily choose which segments they would prefer to do, based on time available and physical history.

I found Christine's voice calm and pleasant to listen to and her instructions are easy to follow, even for the yoga novice. The movements were slow and fluid allowing us to gain the most from each pose and over time, improve our flexibility. This DVD is a great and convenient way to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle for improved health and performance.

A DVD is now available to help you discover the benefits of yoga, especially tailored to the needs of runners! Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners™: the essentials includes segments on:
• Foundations
• Lower Back
• Hamstrings
• Hips

The yoga program can be tailored to the time you have available – either the entire 45 minute program or any of the 12 minute segments. While the yoga sequences are designed for those new to yoga, it is also beneficial for those with yoga experience, providing an ideal post-run yoga practice. Improve your running, reduce your risk of injury and feel better with yoga! Order your copy at

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