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Posted: January 22, 2009  :

(RWire) Health and Fitness: Join the Blue and You Fitness Challenge 2009

The Blue and You Fitness Challenge is a physical activity contest during which employees or members of organizations participate in eligible exercises (cardiovascular focused) for a three-month period (March 1 - May 31, 2009).

Participants exercise along a virtual United States route, advancing by satisfying one 30-minute exercise requirement per day. Established contest measurements with assigned point values are communicated at the beginning of the contest, and then recorded throughout the competition. Participating organizations are grouped by size and compete for a winner in each category. At the end of the contest, winning teams are named, based on accumulated points.

The Blue and You Fitness Challenge is sponsored by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the Arkansas Department of Health. In 2008, 113 groups joined the contest with 10,361 participants from 36 states. Join this fun way to increase physical activity in your group.

Resources available for more information about the contest:

Phone: 1-800-686-2609

How to participate in the Blue and You Fitness Challenge:

1) Get together a group of 10 or more individuals, ages 13 and up (business groups, co-workers, families, church groups, school faculty, students, senior centers, etc. - any kind of group).
2) Pick a name.
3) Pick a group administrator (leader). This person communicates with your group members and the contest organizers on a regular basis during the contest.
4) The leader registers the group online at and gets a special group code.
5) Each individual in the group registers online using the group's special code from the leader (group administrator).
6) Individuals log his/her 30 minutes per day of exercise online during the contest (March 1-May 31) - all group progress is shown on the website.
7) Groups compete with groups of similar number of participants.
8) Groups with most participation and exercise win - winners in every size category.
9) All participating groups are recognized and invited to the kick-off and end of the contest celebration.

December / January (deadline is January 31) - Group registration
January / February (deadline is February 28) - Individuals register as part of a group
February - Kick-off event
March 1-May 31 - Contest
June / July - End of contest celebration and announcement of winners
Ryan Lamppa, Running USA Media Director
(805) 696-6232; Fax = (805) 659-0016

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