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Posted: March 23, 2009  : Add to Mixx!

Multisport: Austin Entrepreneur Kim Overton Launches SPIbrand(TM)

Small Personal Item Belt's (SPIbelt's) Success Warrants Canopy Brand

Austin, TX – March 23, 2009 – The overwhelming success of SPIbelt(TM), the small personal item belt, has prompted its creator, Kim Overton, to launch a canopy brand. The new SPIbrand will encompass not only the SPIbelt but also her other creations, including the reflective SPIbelt, the SPIband, kids' SPIbelt, the SPIbelt logo T-shirt as well as the SPIbrand Hydration system, Water Resistant SPIbelt, RoadID Compatible SPIbelt (RICS), Dual-Pocket SPIbelt and the Inner-Pocket SPIbelt. In addition, all future concepts that evolve from Overton's entrepreneurialism will fall under the SPIbrand canopy. Fitness fanatics, travelers, on-the-go fashionistas and special medical supply needers can learn about all the hands-free products SPIbrand has to offer online at

Born of a frustration over having nowhere to stow her keys while engaging in her daily run, the SPIbelt was just the first in a series of useful products Kim Overton developed. Since its debut in 2007, the original, high-quality personal item belt has been a favorite in the marketplace with unparalleled craftsmanship and its first-to-market claim to fame. The complete line of patent-pending designs will now be placed under the SPIbrand canopy.

An Austin, Texas-based manufacturing company, SPIbrand's entire collection of products is designed, created and manufactured in the Texan capital. As a result, the new parent company is creating local jobs as well as arousing community activity. That's good news for the 8.1 percent of unemployed Americans who are experiencing the worst unemployment rate since 1983.

Further complicating this alarming trend, other estimates say up to 20,000 jobs a month may be moving overseas. SPIbrand is bucking that trend by keeping its entire production in the good old USA.

Recently landing key media spots on CNN and Donny Deutschee's "The Big Idea," Overton is no stranger to public recognition. "Because my products were drawing so much attention, I felt the need to create a SPIbrand, where media and consumers alike could find all my products. The primary goals of this parent company are to house the expansion and growth of the product line and to address the needs of customers. SPIbrand stresses the importance of remaining local and providing community jobs. No outsourcing to China or other countries is considered, thereby affording us a high level of quality control and customization for our clients."

Retailers of fitness, travel, fashion and medical supply products that would like to see all the products that fall under the new SPIbrand canopy can do so online at Interested media may arrange a meeting with SPIbrand entrepreneur, Kim Overton, by calling (512) 514-6045.

About SPIbrand
Kim Overton founded SPIbrand as the parent company for her collection of innovative fitness, travel, fashion and medical supply accessories. Fueled by her personal struggles with her daily run and not having anywhere to put her keys, Kim concluded, "There has got to be a better way!" Thus, the Small Person Item Belt (SPIbelt(TM)) was born. Today, the company's product lineup includes the SPIbelt(TM), the SPIband(TM) and both the Love Your Legs(TM) and the Love Your Core(TM) DVDs, with many new concepts in the works. For more information on SPIbrand and its products, please visit

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