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Posted: April 14, 2009  : Add to Mixx!

Athletics: ECCO Hits the Ground with a Bold New Category of Running Shoes Customized for Runners' Pace, Training Type

Danish shoe company breaks the mold with revolutionary natural motion running concept

(LONDONDERRY, N.H.) -- March 24, 2009 -- ECCO, a Danish shoe manufacturer and world leader of innovative comfort shoes, today has broken new ground with the launch of a revolutionary new running shoe concept called BIOM. Now launching in running specialty stores nationwide, BIOM is based on a "Natural Motion" philosophy allowing the foot to move freely the way nature intended.

"After more than two years of research and design, we felt the time was right for a change of pace to make a bold move within the running industry," said David Helter, General Manager of ECCO's Performance Division. "BIOM is not just a shoe -- it is a paradigm shift."

BIOM debuts this month in the U.S. as well as six other countries - Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, England and Canada.

Using a new classification system that moves away from conventional running shoe categories, BIOM is the first performance running shoe that is segmented as "Natural Motion" and orients itself on a runner's training conditions, running type, and pace. The three shoe categories include:

  • BIOM A -- geared for accomplished runners with a 6-7 minute/mile pace who participate in marathons and triathlons (men's version only)
  • BIOM B -- developed for fitness runners with a 8-9 minute/mile pace
  • BIOM C -- developed for the occasional runner with a 10-11 minute/mile pace. (available later this year)

The construction and fit of BIOM concept was based on scanning the feet of 2500 runners. In addition, BIOM is the first shoe in the running industry to use a patented direct-inject technology to seamlessly infuse polyurethane (PU) to bond the shoe's upper to the midsole providing full-length anatomical foot support. With this new philosophy, the foot is free to move, building muscle and strength for optimal performance.

As part of the BIOM launch, ECCO has introduced a new, dedicated Web site,, offering training tips and video exposés from dedicated, everyday runners and world-class Danish triathlete Torbjørn Sindballe.

ECCO teamed up with Sindballe more than two years ago to tap into his athletic expertise for the development of the shoe. Sinballe has worked with ECCO to create a training plan to ease consumers into the shoe naturally. He will be making a series of appearances across the U.S. later this year to help educate runners and triathletes on the benefits of natural motion and how to transition into wearing BIOM shoes.

"There's so much science and radical thinking behind this shoe," said Sinballe. "It actually tunes to your body and your muscles and delivers a whole new way of running that allows you to train at a higher level over time."

Redefining the Running Shoe Market
By categorizing runners according to pace per mile and building a shoe based on the concept of natural motion, BIOM offers a fresh perspective into the world of running shoes. It naturally activates muscles and allows for better energy return, as well as combining innovative direct-inject technologies and the use of materials such as polyurethane. Consumers will be able to choose a shoe that is specified to their needs by taking into account training level, runner type and speed.

BIOM will be offered for men and women in two different materials, a mesh/textile version ($195), and a YAK leather ($220), version that is made of yak leather, which is three to five times stronger than cow leather.

The BIOM-Project: Development
The BIOM Project originated from a successful cooperation with leading experts in running biomechanics at the German Sport University Cologne. The collaborative development was based on the combined efforts of Sindballe, Dr. Matthias Marquardt, sports medicine specialist, trainer and journalist, and ECCO, with its 45 years of shoe production experience. ECCO's core differentiators such as directly injected PU, YAK leather, craftsmanship and ownership of the entire value chain also helped bind the project together.

For more information, visit

About ECCO
The only major shoe manufacturer to own and manage the entire value chain from cow to consumer, ECCO is a global leader in city, casual and sport shoes for men, women, kids, sport and golf. In 2008, the Danish company achieved net revenues of €745 million.

Founded in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy, ECCO has nearly 16,000 employees, direct subsidiaries in Europe, the Far East and North America, and partners worldwide. ECCO shoes are sold in more than 3,000 shops globally, including 687 mono-brand (ECCO exclusive) stores.

Following the rules of good craftsmanship to deliver genuine freedom of movement and comfort to consumers, ECCO's aim has never been to be the biggest, but always to be the best.

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