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Posted: April 14, 2009  : Add to Mixx!

Running: Canadian Couple return home May 8th from year-long, 17,700km Environmental Marathon across Canada and the U.S.

'Run for One Planet' announces Environmental launch of 'Legacy of Action for Kids'
Co-founders Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait share personal experiences from the road at EPIC Expo

VANCOUVER, BC -- April 2009 - Run for One Planet co-founders, actor Matt Hill and business coach Stephanie Tait, are scheduled to arrive home in Vancouver, BC, on Friday, May 8th, 2009, from their yearlong 17,700km (11,000 mile) environmental marathon campaign across Canada and the U.S. The tour will culminate with the marathon duo running across Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge, through Stanley Park, and right into the EPIC Expo 2009 to host the Opening Ceremony at 1:00PM at the new Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. This will be the first large-scale public event in the brand-new building. Run for One Planet will be on the main stage to talk to the media, green consumers, the green business community, and their supporters about their year long journey. They will premiere the video documentary of their physical, mental and emotional journey and unveil the next chapter of Run for One Planet: 'The Legacy of Action for Kids'. A media interview area will be available between 2:00pm and 5:00pm at the EPIC Expo on May 8th. Please contact The Promotion People to RSVP your attendance by May 5th, 2009.

What was the Environmental Impact? After running 17,700 kms across Canada and the U.S., Matt and Stephanie realized their tremendous efforts had the biggest impact on our future leaders: Our children. Since speaking to over 15,000 kids, and connecting with people by connecting with the pavement, Matt and Stephanie's desire for environmental change has proven results. From inspiring new school-wide recycling and compost projects and stimulating Green Education back into the classroom by incorporating Run for One Planet's Action Challenge, to hearing teachers and students had altered their lifestyles since their visit by using more reusable water bottles, bags, and keeping the lights and taps off whenever possible, Matt and Stephanie's environmental efforts were now in effect. Hill states, "When we left Vancouver, BC, on May 4th, 2008, little did we know that every step we took started a green movement for kids." As of April 2009, the duo has now covered over 16,702 kms (10,378 miles), raised over $82,735 and inspired 17691 new actions for earth.

What Next? The Launch of the 'Legacy of Action for Kids' - With all funds raised during the tour, Run for One Planet will set up a unique 'Legacy of Action for Kids' that aims to lead the emerging field of environmental and lifestyle education for elementary school kids. The Legacy will consist of two main components: Funding and Education, and kids will have the opportunity to provide regular input to their Board of Directors. As of February 2009, Run for One Planet partnered with the Vancouver Foundation. This partnership will create a permanent and perpetuating Legacy with all the funds donated, and direct funding from the Vancouver Foundation will be provided to empower kids to take environmental action within their own communities through green initiative classroom projects that educate, rehabilitate and spread environmental awareness and lifestyle change. For more information, visit:

A Marathon A Day for One Year? How did they do it? One year after their departure, Matt and Stephanie will have run a grand total of approximately 422 marathons. For most of the duration of the tour, the dynamic duo ran a relay style marathon a day, 84 kms per day/42kms per person (52 miles per day/26 miles per person), with a schedule of three days on and one day off. From running with ailments ranging from the flu to tendonitis, in subzero temperatures and treacherous weather conditions, to staying alive on hazardous road conditions and fueling their bodies to stay focused and strong, Matt and Stephanie will share with you their secrets of success on a tour this grand.

Actor Matt Hill is a seven-time IRONMAN competitor and has worked with legends such as Jackie Chan in 'Shanghai Nights'. He can also be heard as the voice in the animated series 'Ed, Edd, and Eddy' as well as 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'Storm Hawks' and 'Carebears'. Matt's professional voice over experience has been a unique educational tool that has helped deliver Run for One Planet's message and connect with children ranging from impoverished, inner city kids to wealthy private schools, girls and boys alike.

Stephanie Tait is recognized internationally as a national speaker and business coach. She has received numerous awards in honor of her outstanding achievements.

About The Sponsors - Run for One Planet's 2008/2009 Canadian and U.S. tour is funded by generous, green, community-oriented businesses, groups, family and friends who believe in the vision of Run for One Planet. Local and national sponsors include ASICS, Planet Organic Markets, WatchMyRace, Home Depot, TELUS, lululemon athletica, Memorex, Hydro Power Smart, Capers Whole Foods Market, Happy Planet, SISU, GLAD, GreenWorks, Brita, and Eco Apparel Clothing.

About EPIC Expo 2009 - The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo is Western Canada's largest green consumer tradeshow and eco-marketplace. Established in 2007, EPIC is produced by GLOBE Events, a division of the GLOBE Foundation

About Vancouver Foundation - Established in 1943, Vancouver Foundation is Canada's largest community foundation. Despite its name, the Foundation grants to charities throughout British Columbia and supports a wide range of initiatives: from arts and culture, and environment; to education; children, youth and families, etc. It accomplishes its mission through the support of the over 1,200 endowment funds it manages, which have been set up by individuals, families, non-profit organizations and corporations.

The Run for One Planet Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit society with the province of BC.

For tour photos, online video and event and run updates, visit:

Watch the Marathon:

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