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Athletics: Junior Olympic XC titles up for grabs Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS - USA Track & Field's premiere youth cross country meet, the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships, will crown individual and team champions Saturday, December 12 at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, Nevada.

Hit with a winter storm over the past few days, Reno has been blanketed with snow. As the snow continues to fall, officials from the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition (RTWGC) and USATF's Pacific Association are working to make sure that the course will be cleared in time for tomorrow morning's races. And while another six inches of snow is expected to hit tomorrow, the winter storm watch does not take effect until mid-afternoon. Participants can call (317) 713-4679 or visit to receive the latest event updates.

Featuring more than 2,000 runners, athletes aged 8 to 18 will compete for boys' and girls' titles in five age divisions. The USATF Junior Olympic program age divisions are bantam (10 and under) racing over 3 kilometers; midget (11-12) racing 3 km; youth (13-14) racing 4 km; intermediate (15-16) racing 5 km; and young men/women (17-18) racing 5 km.

This year's regional winners include:

Bantam Boys

Individuals: Joe Dougherty (Region 1), Mark Provenzo (Region 2), Coleman Mitchell, Jr. (Region 3), Frederic Ghonda (Region 4), Ryan Gartner (Region 5), Caleb Chapman (Region 7), Lucas Jepsen (Region 10), Bradley Gloxner (Region 12), Jesse Goldstone (Region 13), Joey Fitzpatrick (Region 14), Dylan Majerus (Region 15), Reed Richard (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Bradford Elementary (Region 1), Cougar Track Club (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Pleasanton Heat (Pacific Association/Region 16

Bantam Girls

Individuals: Lauryn Aviles (Region 1), Terri Turner (Region 2), Kayla Brown (Region 3), Alexis Terry (Region 4), Ashley Rulison (Region 5), Alexandra Dalton (Region 7), Lauren Gregory (Region 10), Lauren Garriques (Region 12), Katherine Copeland (Region 13), Alyssa Destasio (Region 14), Sydney Tullai (Region 15), Julia Bounds (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Nashua PAL (Region 1), Mt Pleasant "A" (Region 3), K-Town Striders (Region 5), SPORTS TRACK & FIELD (Region 7), Texas Shooting Stars (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Pleasanton Heat (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Midget Boys

Individuals: Alex Ostberg (Region 1), Joey DeFeo (Region 2), Peter Millsaps (Region 3), Austin Gilbert (Region 4), Michael Beebe (Region 5), Brice Snowden (Region 7), William Stanopiewicz (Region 10), Shea Whatley (Region 12), Hayden Scott (Region 13), Tommy Valles (Region 14), Ryan Alexander (Region 15), Samuel Blake (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Granite State Flash (Region 1), Mt Pleasant "A" (Region 3), INDIANA ALL STAR RUNNING CLUB (Region 7), Ric Rojas Running (Region 10), SC Roadrunners A (Region 15), Los Gatos AA Track Club (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Midget Girls

Individuals: Jennifer Gerland (Region 1), Catherine Pagano (Region 2), Eliza Dekker (Region 3), Norma Durango (Region 4), Rachel Iacofano (Region 5), Rachel Nichwitz (Region 7), Jordyn Colter (Region 10), Micaela Chan (Region 12), Tanna Brinkman (Region 13), Yasmine Felipe (Region 14), Anne Charles (Region 15), Christine Bayliss (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Waltham TC (Region 1), Mt Pleasant "A" (Region 3), INDIANA ALL STAR RUNNING CLUB (Region 7), Go The Distance (Region 10), San Diego RoadRunners (Region 15), Roseville Pal Express Track Club (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Youth Boys

Individuals: Will Shaffer (Region 1), Travis Ellis (Region 2), Ben Huffman (Region 3), Thomas Howell (Region 4), Andrew Johnston (Region 5), Simon Thorpe (Region 7), Christopher Salvador (Region 10), Matthew Brown (Region 12), Mitchell Butler, (Region 13), Erik Garcia (Region 14), Drake Johnston (Region 15), Kevin Poteracke (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: SCS Impact, Watervliet (Region 1,) Mt Pleasant "A" (Region 3), Miami Valley (Region 5), INDY GOLD (Region 7), Pops Track Club (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Pleasanton Heat (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Youth Girls

Individuals: Maddy Berkson (Region 1), Cailey Silbert (Region 2), Madeline Wetterhall (Region 3), Caroline Jackson (Region 4), Megan O'Neil (Region 5), Lauren Hamilton (Region 7), Summer Harper (Region 10), Natalie Rathjen (Region 12), Paige Rice (Region 13), Marbella Diaz (Region 14), Sarah Baxter (Region 15), Clare Carroll (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: GCS Triad (Region 1), Northside Red Runners (Region 3), FISHERS RUN CLUB (Region 7), Sojourners Running Club (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Buffalo Chips B (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Intermediate Boys

Individuals: Alexander Gallo (Region 1), Stephen Lewandowski (Region 2), Marc Breidenbaugh (Region 3), Julius Olan (Region 4), Blake Garver (Region 5), Edson Pereira (Region 7), Kristen Alegado (Region 10), Adam Waldum (Region 12), Hunter Johnson (Region 13), Curtis Kelly (Region 14), Nat Cushing-Murray (Region 15), Nathanael Williams (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Sentinel Striders (Region 1), Lanier Running Club "a" (Region 3), HOOSIER HARRIERS (Region 7), El Paso Flames (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Asics Aggie Running Club (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Intermediate Girls

Individuals: Felicia Lombardi (Region1), Claudia Harris (Region 2), Meghan Wetterhall (Region 3), Sami Harris (Region 5), Brooke Morgan (Region 7), Caroline Kaufman (Region 10), Katie Burford (Region 12), Rachel Atwood (Region 13), Ashley Barton (Region 14), Meagan Garritson (Region 15), Shelby McIntyre (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Sentinel Striders (Region 1), INDIANA ALL STAR RUNNING CLUB (Region 7), Zia Road Runners (Region 10), Equalizers A (Region 15), Buffalo Chips B (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Young Men

Individuals: Zachary Kraus (Region 1), Nathan Walkes (Region 2), Raymond McCormack (Region 3), Benjamin Wynsma (Region 5), Robert Raleigh (Region 7), Devin Pierson (Region 10), Justin Weise (Region 12), Simon Sorensen (Region 13), Alex Garcia (Region 14), Raymond Dominguez (Region 15), Benjamin Heck (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: Sentinel Striders (Region 1), Lanier Running Club "A" (Region 3), 05-19-Project 8 (Region 5), INDIANA ALL STAR RUNNING CLUB (Region 7), Las Cruces Track & Field (Region 10), West Coast Gazelles (Region 15), RF United (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Young Women

Individuals: Jessica Soja (Region 1), Emily Giannotti (Region 2), Clarissa Schick (Region 3), Schuyler Mattern (Region 5), Breanna Smith (Region 7), Bryn Morales (Region 10), Caitlin Rodriguez (Region 12), Holly Meler (Region 13), Olivia Warren (Region 14), Taylor Hebb (Region 15), Theresa Devine (Pacific Association/Region 16)

Teams: South Windsor Sports (Region 1), Lanier Running Club "A" (Region 3), Sojourners Running Club (Region 10), SC Roadrunners A (Region 15), Buffalo Chips Running Club (Pacific Association/Region 16)

For more information on the 2009 USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships visit

About USA Track & Field
USA Track & Field (USATF) is the National Governing Body for track and field, long-distance running and race walking in the United States. USATF encompasses the world's oldest organized sports, some of the most-watched events of Olympic broadcasts, the #1 high school and junior high school participatory sport and more than 30 million adult runners in the United States.

For more information on USATF, visit

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