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Posted: December 17, 2009  :

(RRW) Athletics: Osaka Women's Marathon Releases Invited Fields

From David Monti
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By David Monti with Ken Nakamura

Organizers of the Osaka Women's Marathon, scheduled for January 31, 2010, have released their invited fields of international and domestic athletes. The race will feature a mixture of older competitors, like three-time Osaka champion Lidia Simon of Romania; rising stars, like Marisa Barros of Portugal and Yukiko Akaba of Japan; and debutants like Ryoko Kizaki of Japan.

The course record is 2:21:18 by Japan's Mizuki Noguchi set in 2003.

Here are the complete invited fields

Lidia Simon, 36, ROU           2:22:54 (2000 Osaka)
Olivera Jevtic, 32, SRB        2:25:23 (2003 Rotterdam)
Marisa Barros, 29, POR         2:26:03 (2009 Sevilla)
Amane Gobena, 27, ETH          2:26:53 (2009 Los Angeles)
Dulce Maria Rodriguez, 37, MEX 2:28:54 (2006 Chicago)
Volha Krautsova, 28, BLR       2:35:55 (2009 Roma)

Mari Ozaki, 34                 2:23:30 (2003 Osaka)
Kayoko Obata, 38               2:25:14 (2000 Osaka)
Yukiko Akaba, 30               2:25:40 (2009 Osaka)
Chika Horie, 28                2:26:11 (2002 Hokkaido)
Ayumi Nakayama, 24             2:28:50 (2008 Osaka)
Yumi Hirata, 28                2:29:23 (2008 Nagoya)
Ryoko Kizaki, 24               Debut   (1:10:16  half)
Azusa Nojiri                   Debut   (1:10:53  half)

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