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Posted: May 11, 2014  

Product Review:The World Looks Better Through Happy Eyes - Fisherman Eyewear Ray Sunglass Review

Fisherman Eyewear Ray Sunglass Review

By Samantha Calder-Sprackman, M.D.

The days are getting longer and summer is quickly approaching, which means that I will be wearing my shades every time I leave the house. I really canít go anywhere without my sunglasses! Given the time of year, itís only fitting to review another pair of shades: the Fisherman Eyewear Ray Sunglasses.


As mentioned in my Guideline Eclipse sunglass review, cool shades may be a great fashion accessory but, most importantly, they are necessary to help maintaining good ocular health. In short, wearing sunglasses keeps your eyes healthy and keeps you comfortable. Well-made sunglasses block ultraviolet light and protect your eyes from painful sunburns, which can help to slow down/avoid cataracts and macular degeneration in the future. Sunglasses also protect the skin around your eyes, which is a vulnerable area for the development of skin cancer. From a comfort standpoint, many people are ďlight sensitiveĒ and get headaches when they are exposed to brightness and glare. By wearing sunglasses and cutting down the brightness while outside, you will reduce headaches and perform better during your workouts!

REMEMBER: Not all sunglasses block out ultraviolet let so it is important to purchase ones that do! Furthermore, to prevent glare, polarized lenses are the way to go.

UV Protection + Polarized Lenses = Happy Eyes.

My Experience with the Ray Fisherman Eyewear Sunglasses:
Now that I have covered a review on the importance of wearing sunglasses, let me take you through my experience with the Ray Fisherman Eyewear Sunglasses. As with the Guideline Eclipse shades, I sported the Ray sunglasses for approximately two weeks. Unlike the Eclipse model, the Ray model is more of a sporty look and so I have only worn them for running workouts outside instead of transitioning them to my casual wardrobe as well. However, like with all my previous reviews, I have become very well acquainted with these sunnies and am comfortable to share a full product review.

Brand History
Interestingly, Fisherman is actually a sister company to Guideline (kind of like Old Navy and The Gap from what I can tell). Basically they are two separate companies owned by the same person with similar business philosophies and product technology but different products. As such, many of the positive things I had to say about the Guideline brand crosses over to my review of the Fisherman Sunglasses. Both companies were started as Fishing sunglass companies and have now branched out to creating sport sunglasses for many outdoor activities. Fisherman is a brand that has actually been around for 40 years making sunglasses!


Technical business:
As for with the Guideline Sunglasses, the Fisherman Eyewear website is phenomenal. It super user friendly and provides and an awesome interactive slide show that explains the import features that one should consider when making a sunglass purchase (polarized lenses, photochromic lenses, performance lens colors, etc). The website is also user friendly and allows you to easily order any pair of sunglasses online from the comfort of your own living room Ė itís hard to argue with the greatness of online shopping!

This has to be the BEST feature of the Fisherman Eyewear! The Ray Sunglassses are 24.99$ - does a price point for polarized sunnies get better than this? Nearly all Fisherman sunglasses on the website are around this price point. They are all polarized, durable and 100% UV A and B ray protective. Holy Cow! I could hardly believe this! Any olí pair of sunglasses from the drug store seem to cost at least 24.99$ so this appears to be a pretty incredible value to me. Furthermore, Fisherman provides a generous lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials (not for normal wear and abuse or scratched lenses). Wow!

The Ray Sunglasses are definitely meant for sport. They have a very sporty look and are super lightweight as they only have semi-rims. These are potentially the lightest sunglasses I have ever worn. If you are a person who likes minimalist gear, youíll love this feature. They also have a mirror finish that give an aura of mystery for when you are competing in any sport!


Although I have many positive things to say about the Ray Fisherman Sunglass design, unlike the Guideline Eclipse, these are not a pair of sunglasses that will be transitioning into my casual wardrobe. The semi-rimless look just does not go with my every day work wear and therefore I will only use them for sport. If you are in the market for a combo casual and sporty sunglass, I would recommend perusing the other Fisherman Eyewear styles.

The Ray Sunglasses have a flexible rim that fit the contour of my head relatively well. They also have an excellent nose pad that sticks very well to sweat (as oppose to slipping, which can sometimes occur with other sunglasses). However, I must admit that I do find the lenses to look a bit large on my oval shaped face. In looking at the description of the sunglasses provided online, these sunglasses are recommended for medium to large size heads and are potentially not meant for puny ones like mine!

Unfortunately the Fisherman Eyewear Sunglasses do not allow for customizing your prescription online for an increase in price. This is a feature that is provided by Guideline that I absolute love. If prescription sunglasses are something that is important for you, check out the Guideline products for the same awesome technology, online ordering, and prescription customizability (for an increase in price).

The Verdict:
I am thoroughly impressed with the Guideline/Fisherman Eyewear brands. From the two sunglasses that Iíve trialed, these companies make excellent quality sunglasses at reasonable price points. Everyone appreciates value and this is something that these brands deliver without a doubt.

I think that the Ray Sunglass is are a great option for a cheap, well made, lightweight, sport sunglasses ( They certainly provide more high tech features than one would expect for 24.99$. I will definitely be using these shades on hot runs in the middle of the summer when I want to protect my eyes from the sun and wear the most minimalist gear possible. However, I will still be sticking to my Guideline Eclipse Sunglasses for those days when I want a hybrid sunglass that can transition from my casual look to my functional workout sunglass (

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