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Athletics: Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones Review

Posted: January 15, 2019:  

Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones Review
Retail 129.99 CAD

Confession time: I am a pretty low-tech person. While I do use a few forms of technology for my running, I always search out the least complicated version of a gadget so that there is a) less to figure out and b) less that can go wrong.

I wear a GPS watch to track my pace, time and mileage- that’s it. There are a million other metrics that can be measured, of course, but I don’t feel that I need them, and I don’t look at them.

When it comes to listening to audio during runs (music or podcasts), I have stuck to classic (wired) earphone models. Up until the past few months, I have been using the earphones that came with my phone - they’re simple, easy to use, and fit my ears just fine. The only annoying part is: what to do with the cord? As technology moves away from small music devices like the iPod shuffle, and pushes music to be stored on smart phones, it becomes a question of how to comfortably carry a phone and figure out how best to get the sound all the way up to one’s ears.
I hesitated to use new-fangled wireless earphones for a long time. Wouldn’t they fall out? What if I lost one? Could I wear just one side at a time (as I do when running outdoors)?

Before use:
The second I put on the Tarah headphones, and heard the Jaybird woman say "Battery fully charged.... Connected!", I knew I was hooked!

The Jaybird wireless headphones connect to audio devices via Bluetooth by the simple press of a button on the headphones. Charged by USB with a simple cord, the headphones have up to 6 hours of battery life and also feature a “quick charge” ability which gives 1 hr of playtime after 10 minutes of charging.

Included in the box are 3 different sized ear gels, which allow the user to create a custom fit. Also included are a shirt clip and a cinch, which shortens or lengthens the cord between the earphones.

My ears must be pretty "average" as I was able to wear the earphones comfortably right out of the box.

In Action:
When in use during running the earphones stay in place nicely in the ears but the cord connecting the buds and the control panel next to the right ear bud can bounce a lot, sometimes pulling the right earbud out of place.
Controls are very straightforward to use from turning on the power (centre button) to manipulating volume (+/-), and also navigating through songs (a long press on the + or - button). The earphones also feature a microphone that connects to the phone, which is a convenient bonus.

One downfall of the earphones is their performance in very cold weather. After about 30 minutes of use in -20 degree (C), the earphones lost power.

The Tarah earphones use a small USB cord that clicks onto the control panel of the earphones making them very easy to charge. A voice on the earphones helpfully announces the percentage of charge available at each use.

The Verdict:
After using the earphones with two different phones for running and walking indoors and out, through many various temperatures and precipitation, I am officially a convert to wireless, though I do still feel the need to keep my "back-up" earphones handy in case of a lack of power or ability to charge/connect. I would definitely recommend the Jaybird Tarah earphones to anyone looking for a great sound experience without the hassle of a cord.

Jill is a maritimer who transplanted to Ottawa for its beautiful running paths and wonderful running community. A graduate of Kinesiology at St Francis Xavier University, Jill is a happily busy mother of three and spends most of her time transporting her children from one place to another - often while pushing a running stroller.
Jill shares her adventures in parenthood on her Instagram account @jillamama.
She is a member of the OACRacing Team.

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