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Posted: April 25, 2019:  

Athletics: Olympian, Six National Champions to Lead Star-Studded Field at 2019 USATF Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh on Sunday, May 5th

Top American pro runners to compete for national title and a purse totaling $85,000 during the DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events

PITTSBURGH - The 2019 USATF Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh will feature a star-studded field including an Olympian and six national champions. The national title event will be held in conjunction with the 11th annual DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events, May 3-5.

Womenís Division

Sara Hall returns to Pittsburgh after finishing runner-up in last yearís championship with a time of 1:10:07, the 5th fastest all-time performance at a USATF Half Marathon Championships. Hall, who has a half-marathon personal best of 1:09:27, won both the 2018 USATF 20K and 10 Mile Championships and is ready to earn her next crown.

"I can't wait to get back to the USATF Half Marathon Championships in Pittsburgh for the second straight year," Hall said. "After a runner up finish last year, I'm anxious to test my fitness against a great field and compete for the national title."

Hall will face tough competition from Emma Bates, the 2018 USA Marathon Champion. Bates has had an impressive 2019 so far and has set new personal bests in both the half marathon (1:11:13) and the 10 Mile (52:18). Also toeing the start line is Stephanie Bruce, the 2018 USA 10K Champion and runner up at the 2018 USATF Marathon Championships.

Menís Division

2016 U.S. Rio Olympian Leonard Korir leads this yearís menís field. The 2017 USA Half Marathon champion has a half-marathon personal record of 59:52, the third fastest all-time performance by an American. Korir has raced well in Pittsburgh and won the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler in 2014 and 2016. Heís ready to dominate the streets again after finishing a disappointing fifth in last yearís race.

"I am excited to come compete in Pittsburgh again this year," Korir said. "I like the city and want to have a good race. Last year was not that good of a race for me because of injuries. I am healthy this year and looking forward to a good competition."

Joining Korir are Brogan Austin, the 2018 USA Marathon Champion, and Stanley Kebenei, the 2016 USA 15K Champion. Andrew Colley, who won bronze in last yearís race with a time of 1:02:40, and Futsum Zienasellassie, who has a half-marathon personal best of 1:03:10, are other athletes to watch.

This yearís USATF Half Marathon Championships - the 32nd for the men and 23rd for the women - offers a prize purse of $85,000. The top 15 finishers in the male and female Open divisions will earn guaranteed prize money, including $15,000 each for the national champions. There will also be additional money available through performance time and record bonuses.

"Pittsburgh is in for a treat this year as some of Americaís best runners will be racing our streets in pursuit of a national title," said Patrice Matamoros, P3R CEO. "Pittsburgh is already known for being one of the biggest sports cities with football, baseball and hockey, and we are proud to add running to that list. Pittsburgh fans are the best in the country, and we have no doubt they will line the streets to support these talented athletes."

Entered in the menís and womenís fields as of April 24, 2019 are:

Athlete / Affiliation / Half Marathon PR
Leonard Korir, U.S. Army, 59:52
Futsum Zienasellassie, HOKA NAZ Elite, 1:03:10
Reed Fischer, Tinman Elite, 1:02:06
Matt McClintock, On ZAP Endurance, 1:02:34
Andrew Colley, On ZAP Endurance, 1:02:24
Colin Bennie, Unattached, 1:02:45
Brogan Austin, Rabbit Elite, 1:02:39
Joe Stilin, On ZAP Endurance, 1:03:35
Eric Ashe, Unattached, 1:03:33
Josh Izewski, On ZAP Endurance, 1:03:42
Aaron Nelson, On ZAP Endurance, debut
Ryan Miller, Unattached, 1:04:06
Tim Young, Unattached, 1:03:44
Jarrett LeBlanc, Unattached, 1:04:25
Jordan Carpenter, Unattached, 1:04:06
Ian Butler, Unattached, 1:05:10
Daniel Jaskowak, Unattached, 1:04:59
Travis Morrison, Unattached, 1:05:35
Tyler Jermann, Under Armour/Team USA MN, 1:05:13                          
David Melly, Unattached, 1:05:55
Dave Marks, Unattached, 1:05:52
Jared Carson, Unattached, 1:06
Stanley Linton, Unattached, debut
Derrick Jones, Unattached, 1:06
Julian Heninger, NIKE Bowerman Track Club, 1:06
Brian Eimstad, Unattached, 1:06:27
Samuel Mueller, Rabbit Elite, 1:06:19
Jackson Neff, Unattached, 1:06:30
Ryan Smith, Unattached, 1:06:30
Tyler Morse, Unattached, 1:06:52
Stan Linton, Unattached, 1:06:50                                                            
James Dwyer, Unattached, debut
Ramiro Guillen, Unattached, 1:06:51
Benjamin Heck, Unattached, 1:07:12
Dylan Belles, Unattached, 1:06:54
Andrew Leahey, Unattached, 1:07:21
Brian Flynn, Unattached, 1:07:19
Scott Anderson, Unattached, 1:07:46
Juris Silenieks, Unattached, 1:07:24
Zach Mains, Unattached, 1:08:20
David Marley, Unattached, 1:07:54
Phillip Freudenthal, Unattached, 1:08:39
Austin O’Brien, Unattached, 1:08:32
Max Petrosky, Unattached, 1:08:41
Kenneth Sullivan,  Unattached, 1:08:41
Ryan Taylor, Unattached, 1:10:56
Alex Archer, Unattached, 1:09:51
Harley Moyer, Unattached, debut
Andy Gregor, Unattached, 1:11:46
Lucas Stalnaker, Unattached, 1:05:26
Chad Kosanovich, Unattached, debut
Stanley Kebenei, NIKE, 1:06:15
Joseph Whelan, Unattached, 1:05:30
James Wilson, Unattached, 1:06:38
Michael Iacofano, Unattached, 1:06:15
Matt Chorney, Unattached, 1:07
Brent Martin, Unattached, 1:06:52
Scott Anderson, Unattached, 1:07:46
Juris Silenieks, Unattached, 1:07:24
Colin Riley, Unattached, 1:13:25
Nate Guthals, Unattached, 1:08:29
Athlete / Affiliation / Half Marathon PR
Sara Hall, ASICS, 1:09:37
Stephanie Bruce, HOKA NAZ Elite, 1:10:53
Emma Bates, Unattached, 1:11:13
Andie Cozzarelli, Raleigh Distance Project, 1:12:51
Katy Jermann, Under Armour/Team USA MN, 1:12:58
Taylor Ward, Brooks, 1:13:27
Meghan Peyton, Team USA MN, 1:13:43
Joanna Thompson, On ZAP Endurance, 1:14:10
Addi Zerrenner, Unattached, 1:14:13
AnnMarie Kirkpatrick, Unattached, 1:14:30
Tristin Van Ord, Raleigh Distance Project, 1:15:00
Elizabeth Herndon, Unattached, 1:15:20
Julianne Quinn, Unattached, 1:15:34
Nell Rojas, Unattached, 1:15:44
Kelsi Nutter, Unattached, 1:16:06
Emma Spencer, Unattached, 1:16:57
Deanna Ardry, Unattached, 1:17:05
Chelsea Benson, Unattached, 1:17:06
Maura Lemon, Unattached, 1:17:06
Mackenzie Donahue, Unattached, 1:17:09
Emily Myers, Unattached, 1:17:19
Sarah Biehl, Unattached, 1:17:56
Kimberly Maloney, Unattached, 1:19
Jillian Pollack, Unattached, 1:19:02
Emily Zimmerman, Unattached, 1:19:51
Lizzie Gleason, Unattached, 1:20:24
Erin Clark, Unattached, 1:23:01
Bethany Sachtleben, Unattached, 1:12:24
Katja Goldring, Unattached, 1:14:00
Emma Spencer, Unattached, 1:15:57
Morgan VanGorder, Unattached, 1:17:01
Mackenzie Donahue, Unattached, 1:17:09
Janel Blancett, Unattached, 1:17:34
Lizzie Gleason, Unattached, 1:20:24
Meta Haley, Unattached, debut

The 2019 USATF Half Marathon Championships will start at 6:55 a.m., ten minutes before the elite and mass start of the DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. For more information about the USATF Half Marathon Championships, visit:

The USA Half Marathon Championships are part of the USATF Running Circuit, a road race series featuring USATF Championships from one mile through the marathon. The series consistently attracts the best American distance runners with more than $500,000 to be awarded annually in total prize money. For more information about the USA Half Marathon Championships, visit

P3R shares a common goal with the USATF Running Circuit: to showcase, support and promote American athletes in the running industry. With support from SportsPITTSBURGH, P3R looks forward to increasing exposure and racing opportunities for emerging U.S. runners in the City of Pittsburgh when hosting the 2019 USATF Half Marathon Championships for men and women.

About Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon, Inc. (P3R)

P3R is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about promoting a love of running and enhancing community access to health and fitness education and activities. Best known for organizing the acclaimed annual DICKíS Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, we also manage a variety of other high-quality races, events, and health and fitness programs throughout the Pittsburgh region. While many of our races attract some of the nationís highest-profile professional athletes, we offer activities for all ages and ability levels. The only criterion for participation is a desire to be happy, healthy and active! Read more at:


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