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Posted: March 3, 2021:  

Sports Medicine: Arthroscopy Can Help Battle Hip Joint Damage Sustained from Irresponsible Home Workouts

Home workouts have become the "new normal" for both sports enthusiasts and beginners alike, but exercising without supervision can lead to serious hip joint injuries. If the hip pains are continuous and persistent, one way to prevent them and the following complications is hip arthroscopy.

March 3, 2021. The pandemic has transformed the way people exercise. With quarantine measures put in place all around the world, many have started to work out at home, making fitness apps surge in popularity. However, unsupervised exercising can make workouts less effective and lead to serious injuries. To prevent long-term consequences, specialists advise looking at minimally invasive arthroscopy.

Hip arthroscopy enables the surgeon to treat the hip without having to make a huge incision and fully expose the joint. This approach allows for a shorter operating time and lower risk of infection, as well as minimizes scarring. The operation is also less physically taxing on the patient than an open joint surgery and offers a quicker recovery time.

According to Valdemar Loiba, expert surgeon at Nordorthopaedics Clinic, a leading international orthopedic surgery center in Lithuania, while hip arthroscopy is the go to procedure when it comes to treating hip injuries, a timely diagnosis is just as important.

"Such hip injuries like labral tears and chondral lesions have to be diagnosed in time for the best possible treatment result," he said. "If untreated, they could progress into severe joint conditions like osteoarthritis, which would eventually lead to hip replacement surgery. It is really important that any persistent hip pain is examined as soon as possible."

Nordorthopaedics Clinic is one of the leaders in treating orthopedic patients from the UK travelling for their treatment abroad—nearly 1000 of them have been operated by the clinic to this date. The orthopedic surgery center is also popular amongst medical tourists from other countries such as Ireland, Canada, Spain and the USA.

Having over 15 years of working experience in hip, knee and shoulder arthroscopies, Dr Loiba pointed out that if upon diagnosis the hip joint is still largely intact, it is possible to extend the patient's joint effectiveness time and prevent further deterioration.

"The effectiveness of hip arthroscopy depends on the amount of damage already sustained and the healing and rehabilitation processes," said Dr Loiba. "But the general success rate is put between 85-90%, which is really high considering the fragility of the hip and the seriousness of some injuries."

Dr Loiba also reminds to watch out for certain signals that indicate it might not be just a simple muscle burn after a workout—the continuous hip pain and restricted rotation of the joint are key signs for a possible hip joint damage.

As gyms and fitness classes move into people’s homes and home workouts remain the "new normal" for the foreseeable future, the likelihood of unknowingly sustaining a serious injury from them is probable. For those who are feeling continuous strong hip pains due to damaged joints during workouts, hip arthroscopy can be a way to end the affliction.

Nordorthopaedics is a private clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania, part of Nordclinic, offering high-quality services and focusing on foreign patients. It is equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities. Medical professionals at the clinic speak fluent English and show personal attention to every patient. (

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