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Posted: August 11, 2021:  

(RRW) Athletics: Boston Marathon Announces Robust Elite Field

From David Monti, @d9monti
© 2021 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved.

(11-Aug) -- The first-ever fall edition of the Boston Marathon will feature more than 140 elite athletes across all divisions including dozens of Americans, the Boston Athletic Association and John Hancock Financial jointly announced today. The world's oldest marathon, which could not be held as an in-person event in 2020 due to the pandemic, will return to its traditional route from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday, October 11. Organizers in cooperation with state and local authorities are permitting a field of 20,000 runners, and up to 70,000 more will run a virtual edition of the race. An $876,500 prize money purse will be on offer, the second largest in the history of the race.

PHOTO: Edna Kiplagat and Geoffrey Kirui of Kenya celebrate after winning the 2017 Boston Marathon (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

"In October, many of the world's best athletes will look to etch their names in the history books by winning the 125th Boston Marathon," said Tom Grilk who is the B.A.A. president and CEO. "We very much look forward to October's competition, bringing together winners from more than one hundred global marathons. The B.A.A. is eager to continue the tradition of athletic excellence as we return to the roads leading to Boston."

The top of the elite field in the open divisions is dominated by Africans. On the women's side, eight international athletes have run sub-2:22 during their careers led by Ethiopia's Yebrgual Melese (2:19:36), Mare Dibaba (2:19:52), Workenesh Edesa (2:20:24), Sutume Kebede (2:20:30), and Sutume Kebede (2:20:30). The top Kenyans are Edna Kiplagat, the 2017 women's race champion (2:19:50), and Helah Kiprop (2:21:27). Caroline Chepkoech, a former Kenyan who now runs for Kazakhstan, is making her debut.

The top American women are Jordan Hasay (2:20:57), Des Linden (2:22:38), and Molly Huddle (2:26:33). Hasay made her marathon debut at Boston in 2017, finishing third in 2:23:00. Linden has run Boston seven times and won the wet, cold and windy edition in 2018 (she was also second in 2011). Like Linden, Huddle ran Boston in 2018 and finished 13th. Ten of the 27 elite women who started that year dropped out.

The open division of the men's race has a similar composition. Eleven men from Ethiopia and Kenya have career best times under 2:07, and the fastest are Ethiopians Asefa Mengstu (2:04:06) and Lemi Berhanu (2:04:33), and Kenyans Benson Kipruto (2:05:13) and Wilson Chebet (2:05:27). Forty-four year-old Abdi Abdirahman will lead the American charge, but will be running on a short 64-day turnaround from the Olympic Marathon where he finished 41st. Scott Fauble (2:09:09), Colin Bennie (2:09:38) and Scott Smith (2:09:46) are the other top American men.

The race's two reigning champions, Kenya's Lawrence Cherono and Ethiopia's Worknesh Degefa, are not in this year's elite field.

The wheelchair division has several athletes with long histories with the race including Switzerland's Manuela Schär and Marcel Hug; America's Susannah Scaroni, Tatyana McFadden, and Daniel Romanchuk; South Africa's Ernst van Dyk; and Canada's Josh Cassidy. van Dyk has won Boston a record 10 times, and Romanchuk and Schär are the reigning race champions.

The elite race at the Boston Marathon is made possible by the unwavering financial support of John Hancock Financial which has directly funded the race's elite athlete program for nearly four decades.

"John Hancock is proud to support this year's professional field for the monumental, 125th running of the Boston Marathon," said Kate Ardini, who is the John Hancock marketing chief. "In our 36th year as principal sponsor, John Hancock is committed to supporting the world's top athletes as they aim for greatness in Boston. We look forward to cheering on every athlete as they make their way to the finish."

The full elite field is listed below by category with career best times:

 International Women:
  Yebrgual Melese (ETH), 2:19:36 (Dubai, 2018)
  Edna Kiplagat (KEN), 2:19:50 (London, 2012)
  Mare Dibaba (ETH), 2:19:52 (Dubai, 2012)
  Workenesh Edesa (ETH), 2:20:24 (Valencia, 2019)
  Sutume Kebede (ETH), 2:20:30 (Tokyo, 2020)
  Besu Sado (ETH), 2:21:03 (Amsterdam, 2019)
  Helah Kiprop (KEN), 2:21:27 (Tokyo, 2016)
  Bedatu Hirpa (ETH), 2:21:32 (Frankfurt, 2018)
  Atsede Baysa (ETH), 2:22:03 (Chicago, 2012)
  Diana Chemtai (KEN), 2:22:06 (Istanbul, 2020)
  Biruktayit Eshetu (ETH), 2:22:40 (Toronto, 2019)
  Tigist Abayechew (ETH), 2:22:45 (Dubai, 2020)
  Purity Changwony (KEN), 2:22:46 (Ampugnano, 2021)
  Caroline Rotich (KEN), 2:23:22 (Chicago, 2012)
  Mary Ngugi (KEN), 2:27:36 (New York City, 2019)
  Shiho Kaneshige (JPN), 2:28:51 (Osaka, 2020)
  Netsanet Gudeta (ETH), 2:29:15 (Paris, 2017)
  Kellys Arias (COL), 2:29:36 (Hamburg, 2016)
  Tish Jones (GBR), 2:31:00 (London, 2019)
  Brittany Moran (CAN), 2:36:22 (Sacramento, 2019)
  Marie-Ange Brumelot (FRA), 2:36:23 (Chicago, 2019)
  Caroline Chepkoech (KAZ), Debut (1:05:07 Half)
  Monicah Ngige (KEN), Debut (1:07:29 Half)

 USA Women:
  Jordan Hasay, 2:20:57 (Chicago, 2017)
  Desiree Linden, 2:22:38 (Boston, 2011)
  Molly Huddle, 2:26:33 (London, 2019)
  Nell Rojas, 2:28:09 (Duluth, 2019)
  Paige Stoner, 2:28:43 (Chandler, 2020)
  Dakotah Lindwurm, 2:29:04 (Duluth, 2021)
  Samantha Palmer, 2:29:07 (Frankfurt, 2019)
  Julia (Kohnen) Griffey, 2:29:58 (Chandler, 2020)
  Bethany Sachtleben, 2:31:20 (Lima, 2019)
  Dot McMahan, 2:31:48 (Duluth, 2011)
  Sydney Devore, 2:32:39 (Pittsburgh, 2018)
  Hilary Dionne, 2:33:03 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Brittany Charboneau, 2:33:14 (Atlanta, 2020)
  Dawn Grunnagle, 2:33:14 (Berlin, 2019)
  Susannah Sullivan, 2:33:27 (Chandler, 2020)
  Heather Lieberg, 2:34:07 (St. Paul, 2019)
  Caitlin Phillips, 2:34:43 (Berlin, 2019)
  Laurie Knowles, 2:36:01 (Chicago, 2016)
  Courtney Olson, 2:36:21 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Emma Spencer, 2:37:05 (Berlin, 2018)
  Rachel Hyland, 2:37:22 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Andrea Pomaranski, 2:37:39 (Duluth, 2021)
  AnnMarie Kirkpatrick, 2:37:49 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Gina Rouse, 2:38:41 (Atlanta, 2020)
  Nina Zarina, 2:38:50 (Duluth, 2021)
  Devon Yanko, 2:38:55 (Houston, 2012)
  Jordan O'Dea, 2:38:57 (Lowell, 2019)
  Christina Murphy, 2:39:15 (Columbus, 2013)
  Lindsay Nelson, 2:39:33 (Chandler, 2020)
  Hilary Corno, 2:42:14 (Chicago, 2018)
  Elaina Tabb, Debut (1:10:44 Half)
 International Men:
  Asefa Mengstu (ETH), 2:04:06 (Dubai, 2018)
  Lemi Berhanu (ETH), 2:04:33 (Dubai, 2016)
  Benson Kipruto (KEN), 2:05:13 (Toronto, 2019)
  Wilson Chebet (KEN), 2:05:27 (Rotterdam, 2011)
  Filex Kiprotich (KEN), 2:05:33 (Daegu, 2019)
  Dejene Debela (ETH), 2:05:46 (Chicago, 2019)
  Thomas Kiplagat (KEN), 2:06:00 (Seoul, 2019)
  Felix Kandie (KEN), 2:06:03 (Seoul, 2017)
  Paul Lonyangata (KEN), 2:06:10 (Paris, 2017)
  Tsedat Ayana (ETH), 2:06:18 (Dubai, 2020)
  Geoffrey Kirui (KEN), 2:06:27 (Amsterdam, 2016)
  Yuki Kawauchi (JPN), 2:07:27 (Otsu, 2021)
  Abrar Osman (ERI), 2:07:46 (Amsterdam, 2019)
  Jake Robertson (NZL), 2:08:26 (Otsu, 2018)
  Bayelign Teshager (ETH), 2:08:28 (Los Angeles, 2020)
  Stephen Scullion (IRL), 2:09:49 (London, 2020)
  Dylan Wykes (CAN), 2:10:47 (Rotterdam, 2012)
  Rory Linkletter (CAN), 2:12:54 (Chandler, 2020)
  Carlos Trujillo (GUA), 2:14:21 (Chicago, 2012)
  Nitendra Rawat Singh (IND), 2:15:18 (Guwahati, 2016)
  Daniel Ortiz Perez (MEX), 2:15:41 (Valencia, 2020)
  Luis Carlos Rivero (GUA), 2:15:43 (Seville, 2020)
  Thomas Toth (CAN), 2:16:28 (Toronto, 2019)
  Pardon Ndhlovu (ZIM), 2:16:47 (Houston, 2019)
  David Bett (KEN), 2:17:30 (Rabat, 2016)
  Jemal Yimer (ETH), Debut (58:33 Half)
  Leonard Barsoton (KEN), Debut (59:09 Half)

 USA Men:
  Abdi Abdirahman, 2:08:56 (Chicago, 2006)
  Scott Fauble, 2:09:09 (Boston, 2019)
  Colin Bennie, 2:09:38 (Chandler, 2020)
  Scott Smith, 2:09:46 (Chandler, 2020)
  Augustus Maiyo, 2:10:47 (Atlanta, 2020)
  Parker Stinson, 2:10:53 (Chicago, 2019)
  Matt McDonald, 2:11:10 (Chicago, 2019)
  C.J. Albertson, 2:11:18 (Chandler, 2020)
  Eric Gillis, 2:11:21 (Toronto, 2014)
  Reid Buchanan, 2:11:38 (Chandler, 2020)
  Jonas Hampton, 2:12:10 (Atlanta, 2020)
  Tyler Pennel, 2:12:34 (Atlanta, 2020)
  Tyler Jermann, 2:12:40 (Chandler, 2020)
  Peter Gilmore, 2:13:13 (New York, 2006)
  Sam Kosgei, 2:13:26 (Sacramento, 2017)
  Jarrett Leblanc, 2:13:51 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Nico Montanez, 2:14:07 (Chandler, 2020)
  Tim Young, 2:14:16 (Sacramento, 2017)
  Luke Humphrey, 2:14:39 (San Diego, 2011)
  Brian Harvey, 2:17:05 (St. Paul, 2014)
  Alex Taylor, 2:17:08 (Duluth, 2019)
  Patrick Reaves, 2:17:45 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Peter Bromka, 2:19:04 (Sacramento, 2019)
  Chip O'Hara, 2:21:20 (Tempe, 2020)
  Eric Blake, 2:22:49 (Sacramento, 2018)
  Blue Bendum, 2:23:43 (Boston, 2014)
  Harvey Nelson, DNF (Atlanta, 2020/1:01:48 Half)
  Girma Mecheso, Debut (1:02:16 Half)
  Paul Hogan, Debut (1:04:23 Half)
 Women -
  Manuela Schär (SUI, 1:28:17 (Boston, 2017)
  Susannah Scaroni (USA), 1:30:42 (Duluth, 2019)
  Tatyana McFadden (USA), 1:31:30 (Duluth, 2019)
  Jenna Fesemyer (USA), 1:37:02 (Duluth, 2019)
  Shelly Woods (GBR), 1:37:44 (Padova, 2008)
  Margriet van den Broek (NED), 1:38:33 (Boston, 2017)
  Arielle Rausin (USA), 1:40:51 (USA, 2019)
  Vanessa de Souza (BRA), 1:45:19 (Oita, 2018)
  Michelle Wheeler (USA), 1:45:55 (Oita, 2018)
  Yen Hoang (USA), 2:01:06 (Boston, 2019)
  Eva Houston (USA), No Mark
 Men -
  Marcel Hug (SUI), 1:18:04 (Boston, 2017)
  Ernst van Dyk (RSA), 1:18:04 (Boston, 2017)
  Josh Cassidy (CAN), 1:18:25 (Boston, 2012)
  Hiroki Nishida (JPN), 1:20:28 (Boston, 2017)
  Kota Hokinoue (JPN), 1:20:54 (Seoul, 2013)
  Aaron Pike (USA), 1:20:59 (Duluth, 2019)
  Daniel Romanchuk (USA), 1:21:36 (Boston, 2019)
  Tomoki Suzuki (JPN), 1:21:52 (Tokyo, 2020)
  James Senbeta (USA), 1:24:27 (Boston, 2017)
  Simon Lawson (GBR), 1:25:06 (Boston, 2017)
  David Weir (GBR), 1:26:17 (Boston, 2016)
  Sho Watanabe (JPN), 1:26:22 (Seoul, 2017)
  Johnboy Smith (GBR), 1:29:44 (Berlin, 2017)
  Tristan Smyth (CAN), 1:29:53 (Berlin, 2018)
  Hermin Garic (USA), 1:32:27 (Duluth, 2019)
  Callum Hall (GBR), 1:32:49 (Seoul, 2019)
  Christian Clemmons (USA), 1:38:08 (Duluth, 2019)
  Tiaan Bosch (RSA), 1:39:01 (Dubai, 2020)

Chaz Davis (USA), 2:31:48 T12 (Vision Impairment)
Misato Michishita (JPN), 2:56:14 T12 (Vision Impairment)
Tayana Passos (BRA), 3:22:27 T13 (Vision Impairment)
Marko Cheseto Lemtukei (USA), 2:37:23 T62 (Lower Limb Impairment)
Adam Popp (USA), 3:17:35 T63 (Lower Limb Impairment)
Liz Willis (USA), 4:57:43 T64 (Lower Limb Impairment)
Danielle McLaughlin (USA), 3:50:50 T64 (Lower Limb Impairment)

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