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Posted: October 11, 2021::  

Athletics: Top 10 Best Running Shoes 2021

With the bulk of shopping today done online, selecting the appropriate running shoes can be a challenge. Of course, there is no more accurate test than the tried and tested ‘trying and testing.’ Nonetheless, we are going to look into the best running shoes for you.

We considered criteria such as ergonomics padding, level of scientific innovation, plan, feel, comfort and of course, running dynamics. Let’s take a walk (or a run), shall we?

1. Adidas 4DFWD

The Adidas 4DFWD represents the next step in the evolution of running footwear. While technically not the most affordable and with a spotty release schedule, you won’t find many runners lacing these up.

If you care about the environment and are conscious about the consumption and waste you produce, you might be interested in this shoe. Adidas Have made strides to mitigate the dumping of plastic waste by recycling plastic into polymer fabric material utilized in the manufacture of this sneaker.

2. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly

You will undoubtedly find this shoe on or near the top of every running footwear ranking. Nike has pushed the envelope with the ZoomX Vaporfly sprinkling in innovation to enhance the running experience.

A sturdy carbon footplate buoyed by a sizable foam layer work together to provide a springy pep to your step so that you don’t just run fast; you go faster.

3. Saucony Kinvara 12

As far as running goes, the Kinvara 12 makes good on its manifesto. Saucony’s proprietary PWRRUN and FORMFIT technology combine flawlessly to give you the best value for your run time.

The comfort level provided by the trainer is a runner’s dream. There is ample space in the toe designation, and heel support is steady. The Kinvara 12 has a superb ability to aerate, enhancing the running experience. This trainer will help you run faster.

4. Asics Metaspeed Sky

Asics are not one to be outdone in the race for sneaker dominance hence the Metaspeed Sky. If you’re looking for a battle-tested trainer to take for the long haul (literally and figuratively), this trainer is built to last.

It is built for a rhythmic thrusting feel where each lightweight foam by carbon plate midsole takes in the energy from every landing and elastically responds with a concerted spring to spring you forward.

5. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

The first that will come to your mind regarding this Fresh Foam 1080v11 is the softness of the foam. They feel fantastic to put on, and the aesthetics match the comfort evoked similarly by its softness.

The upper has been updated with a newer Hypoknit that is lighter and aerated than the previous version. Though lateral support can be wanting for those with wide feet, it still maintains its supportive nature.

The remainder of the upper is right on target with regards to fit, particularly the heel region that pleasantly supports the ankles and the heel. Some additional cushioning at the rear of the shoes accentuates the curve of the design a bit more.

6. On Cloudultra

Sporting a sturdy yet fleet design with optimum responsiveness, the On Cloudultra is worth a shout. It is not as light on the trail as some, but it provides support with the help of a solid upper. Comfort is not compromised. If anything, it is an absolute delight to put on, with an added design feature that allows the laces to slip slightly with ease as your feet swell throughout a run.

7. Adidas SL20

The Adidas SL20 has been much anticipated since its announcement at the beginning of 2020. Among the key features touted was the new Lightstrike foam, notable for its use in the prominent Adidas Adizero Pro.

Technically, the SL20 is not your run of the mill racing shoe; it is more of a training shoe. It is very affordable and comes with the full stable of Adidas kinks, a solid lightweight upper mesh, sturdy grip, and maximum support. Possibly the only significant flaw you can put on it is the markedly subdued personality vis-à-vis other trainers in its class.

8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Nike designers have refreshed the Air Zoom Pegasus. Built for the neutrals, they sport a swanky sock cushion liner for a safe, sturdy feel. Its latticed upper offers enhanced aeration. It has a new interlocking lacing framework that will enable you to customize your fit. Regardless of gravel, treadmill, or pavement, this shoe will assist you with a cushioned and supportive experience.

9. Under Armor FLOW Velociti Wind

They come with a fantastic grip without the extra loading from an outer rubber sole, a feat Under Armor have done well to achieve. They are quick and have good responsiveness that gives strong propellant energy on each landing. Very ideal for up-tempo running.

10. Asics GT-2000 9

The newest entrant in the Asics’ long-tenured stable, the GT-2000 series, comes in for those runners with a preference for maximum support and control. A plate of resin in the midsole serves to provide a measure of stiffness. This ensures there aren’t any bouncy motions as the ball of the ankles rolls during running. Furthermore, extra gel in the toe box and heel region increases shock absorption.


Whatever your reason for running, be it leisure, fitness or sport, the shoe you wear is the prime determinant of the enjoyment of your running exercise. As we said, it is for those reasons that different people will lean toward other variables such as comfort, design, support, etc. Why do you run? What do you look for in a running shoe? Tell us more.

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