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Eager to


Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 7, 1 being the BEST condition, 7 the WORST.

Heart Rate - HR

For heart rate enter the number of beats your resting heart rate is above (+) or below (-) normal.

Muscle Soreness - MS

If you have no muscle soreness, give yourself a 1. If you cannot get out of your waterbed without help, give yourself a 7. If you feel inbetween these two extremes give yourself an appropriate score.


This is very subjective and you may require an outside opinion. If someone cuts you off on the freeway and misses your new Porsche by inches and your reaction is to wave and say 'Have a nice day', give yourself a 1. If you are at the supermarket in the express - 7 items only lane and you notice that the person in front of you has 8 items and you get into a fight with them and threaten to sue the store - score 7.

Sleep Quality - SQ

After 7-10 hours of solid sleep, score a 1. If you wake up every 20 minutes and find yourself worrying about inconsequential things, score 7.

StressIf you have to think about whether you are stressed or not, (You are NOT!), give yourself a 1. If you just got divorced, fired, crashed your car, had your bike stolen and had your sponsorship rescinded by Powerbar, score 7.


If you find yourself jumping over park benches on your run, score 1. If you fall asleep at your desk while your boss is talking to you, score 7.

Eager To Work Out - ETWO

If you cannot wait to get to the track to do 5 X 1000M with a 200M jog, score 1 - You are EAGER! If you spend the day trying to think up a good excuse with which to phone your coach and not even show up at the track, score 7.

General Physical Wellness - GPW

If you feel good and look good, walk with a bounce in your step and a smile on your face, score 1. If you have an achy all over feeling and have the sniffles, a sore throat, cold sores, a breakout of acne and red, tired eyes, score a 7.

Recovery Scores:

Total Score:
8 - 24: You are fully recovered; train and race as normal.

25 - 32: Consider reducing the amount of speed and/or volume in your workout today.

33 - 40: Back off! If you have 3 or more indicators with a score of 5, take the day OFF!
This means REST.

41 - 48: You are on the verge of a major crash. You may require more than one day of rest.

49 - 56: TOTAL REST is required until you get back to the 8 - 24 range.

This javascript was created based on the "RACE RECOVERY:" article by Gale Bernhardt in the September 1996 issue of TRIATHLETE magazine. Some of the comments have been 'enhanced' and should not be attributed to Gale. Read the complete article for more detail.

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