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June 10, 2002

Runner's Web Athlete Profile

This is a monthly feature in which we profile athletes from the sports of track and field, road running, triathlon and duathlon.

This month we do a mini-interview with triathlete Sharon Donnelly in advance of this Sunday's Commonwealth Games Trials in Victoria, BC.

Name: Sharon Donnelly

Sport: Triathlon

Hometown: Kingston, ON

For more information on Sharon, visit her web site at:

Runner's Web: With the Commonwealth Games Trials less than a week away, what is your mindset re your state of preparedness?

Sharon: I am pretty positive about my upcoming race. As fit as I can be at this time of year. But I am particularly happy because I am injury free and I am running and cycling as strong as I was in early spring of year 2000. My swimming is also fast, but admittedly, I am not 100% confident on the wetsuit side of things. However, I have been doing a fair amount over the past two weeks to get used to it

Sharon - DND

Runner's Web: Carol Montgomery has already been selected to the women's team for the CWG. Who do you see as your competition for the team?

Sharon: There are a fair number of women coming through and if they are "on" for the day, they could have the race that counts. I feel that I too will have that kind of day too! Some other women would be: Jill Savege, Natasha Filliol, Gillian Moody and Tereza Macel. Of course there are others who I have never seen - and anything can happen in a triathlon!

Runner's Web: You had some concerns in regards to the course and lack of traffic control you experienced last year. Have these concerns been addressed?

Sharon: I read recently (on your website!) that the organizers have arranged with the local Casino owners to delay the opening of the Casino by one hour in order to accommodate the race. I hope that is an indication that they are taking my concerns (which I formally addressed in a letter earlier this year) seriously and acting upon them

Runner's Web: What are your keys for the race on Sunday?

Sharon: I will be focussing on being near the front in the swim and swim fast enough to cause a break in the women so that there is a smaller front pack. A lot depends on the bike and whether I am in a group with other triathletes who can ride strong and maintain or increase the lead over the chase group. It also depends on if there is strong riders in the chase group who pull the pack up to the front. I will be trying to hear time splits along the course. But basically, onto the run - no holding back. At the recent Beat Beethoven race in Kingston, I raced neck and neck to the finish with another woman. That gave me the confidence that I can race head to head without giving in - and then give that little extra. I have also been doing some hard run bricks around Fort Henry to simulate the hilly course in Victoria. I will be drawing on those workouts in the race.

Runner's Web: And lastly, how do you like your new Volkswagen?
[Editors Note: Sharon recently obtained a sponsorship from Kingston Volkswagen]

Sharon: I love my Golf!! I have owned Volkswagens since 1987. I am definitely a lifetime owner now! But with my name printed on the back of the car - I find I really have to pay attention to my driving - no more crazy stuff!

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