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February 4, 2008 - Sharon Named Assistant Coach to US Olympic Team
Canadian Sharon Donnelly, a four-time Canadian champion, the 1999 Pan American Games and and Sydney 2000 Olympian, has been named an assistant coach to the US Olympic Team.

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December 3, 2007 - Sharon Gives Birth to Evan Robert Rudnicki
Just want to pass on to the Kingston and Ottawa gang who supported Sharon over the years, that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Evan Robert Rudnicki, 6lb 13oz on 1 Dec 07, in Colorado Springs. Sharon and I have been very fortunate to have two healthy babies very quickly(Gemma in Sep 2005) after her retirement from the Canadian National Triathlon team in December 2004, after nine years competing on the ITU World Cup circuit. Sharon has been busy the last year as the resident and under 23 coach for the US National Triathlon team in Colorado Springs. She will return to work in mid Feb as the focus on the Beijing Olympics starts.

We hope to be back in Ottawa in 2009.

Dave Rudnicki (Sharon's husband)

February 6, 2006 - Sharon To Be Keynote Speaker at Women's Conference 2006
Sharon will be the keynote speaker at Women's Conference 2006, at the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre on February 25, 2006.

Download the program brochure (PDF File) here.

For information on the conference visit the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre.

January 15, 2006 - Sharon To Speak At Ottawa Clinic
Sharon will be speaking at the Triathlon Ottawa Iron Distance Clinic on January 20 - 22, 2006.

The Dave Scott Iron Distance Clinic
There is no better way to start the training season than to spend over 18 hours with the the most knowledgeable and successful individual in the sport. Through active and discussion sessions, 25 participants will cover all essential aspects of training for the iron distance. This event is sold out.

Tri Talk 2006 - Tickets Still Available!
Dave Scott will be joined by Olympian and Pan Am Gold Medalist, Sharon Donnelly, in speaking to an audience of 100 about their experiences in the sport of triathlon and their vision for it's future. Some in attendance will also leave with valuable draw prizes. This event will be held in the 'My Caterer' Halls at the Ottawa Athletic Club. Doors open at 4pm. Event runs from 4:30pm to 6pm. Buy your ticket now!


January 15, 2006 - Future Stars of Triathlon Canada

Future Stars of Triathlon Canada (L-R) Sharon Donnelly and daughter Gemma, Isabelle Turcotte Baird and daughter Madeline

Just before the Christmas break Triathlon Canada's National Office had a special visit from two up and coming Triathletes, Gemma Claire Rudnicki, and Madeline Elizabeth Baird.


September 25, 2005 - Sharon Gives Birth to "Gemma Claire"

Hello everyone

I am writing to tell you about my latest form of triathlon - one that is not recommended for the faint hearted, but whole heartedly if you are ready for the really long haul!

This triathlon consists of: swim, walk, give birth. This is a common form of triathlon only performed by the female gender and one which is used to help speed up the last leg of the race. In my case, it was a little too speedy and the date of the event was moved up much too early without my consent!

For those of you that did not know I was pregnant, I apologize for not getting the word out better - it has been a tremendously busy year and was looking forward to the month of Sept and Oct to stay at home, relax and get ready for the arrival of our first baby on a projected date of 20 Oct.

But this little one had different ideas!


August 16, 2005 - First Olympic Triathlon Teammates expecting first babies
Isabelle Turcotte-Baird and Sharon Donnelly

Sydney Olympic triathletes Sharon Donnelly (Kingston, ON) and Isabelle Turcotte-Baird (Quebec City, QC) are considered two of Canada’s most outstanding athletes. These Sydney Olympians ran into each other at the Caledon Continental Cup this past July.

Donnelly is a three-time Canadian Champion, 1999 Pan American Games champion and a Sydney Olympian. Turcotte-Baird is a two-time bronze medalist from the Canadian National Championships, and was the first Canadian woman to qualify for the inaugural Sydney Olympic Triathlon.

Despite both athletes recent retirements from the Canadian National Team, (Sharon retired from the professional ranks of the sport of triathlon last December, and Isabelle retired in January of 2003), they both remain heavily involved in the sport of triathlon.


July 15, 2005 - Triathlon: Sharon at Orangeville Triathlon on Sunday

From: The committee of the Ontario Women’s Triathlon Series is pleased to announce that Sharon Donnelly will be at our race in Orangeville on Sunday. Sharon is a former Olympian having competed in the Triathlon in Australia in 2000. Sharon is Pan American winner in Winnipeg, three times National Champion and a Member of the Commonwealth Team. Sharon also received the Queen’s Jubilee Award for Volunteerism in the community of Kingston. Sharon is looking forward to helping fellow athletes enjoy and succeed in the sport of Triathlon.

July 9, 2005 - Triathlon: Sharon at OAC Triathlon

From: Sharon attended the OAC Triathlon in gatineau Park today. She swam with the "Tri-A-Tri" group and presented awards to all the winners after the race.

May 24, 2005 - Triathlon: Twenty Questions with Sharon Donnelly


Triathlete Sharon Donnelly is a three-time Canadian Champion, 1999 Pan American Games champion and a Sydney Olympian. She retired from the professional ranks of the sport of triathlon last December.
Former professional Ironman triathlete Lynne Bermel interviewed Sharon recently.

Lynne Bermel (LB): How do you plan to deal psychologically with the transition from seven years of traveling the world focused on qualifying for the Olympics and spending time training in exotic places like Australia, Colorado, San Luis Obispo, etc. to being a "Semi-normal person" staying home?


Sharon, Dave and Gemma
Sharon, Dave and Gemma - January 1, 2006
Sharon Donnelly
Sharon Donnelly, 3 time Canadian Champion, 1999 Pan American Games Champion, Sydney Olympian, 2002 Commonwealth Games Team Member ( 5th place), and 8th place finisher in the 2002 Worlds.

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Canadian Triathlon Team at 2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester, England

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