Sharon Donnelly, Triathlete
1999 Pan American Games Champion,
1999, 1997 Canadian Triathlon Champion

Sharon Donnelly, Triathlete   The Personal Side

Sharon Speaking to the
Sirius Consulting Christmas Party 1997

Sharon and her mother prior
to the 1998 Goodwill Games Triathlon
in New York City

Captain Sharon Donnelly - 1999
Born: July 29, 1967
Education: Bachelor of Commerce, Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario 1990
Background: Served 5 years in the Canadian Forces as an Army Logistics Officer
Sharon Donnelly

Height: 167cm   Weight: 55kg

Marital Status:
engaged to be married in 1998 to Dave Rudnicki

Sharon and Dave

1st Triathlon:
Grimsby Niagara Triathlon (I still have the photo!) Fell in love with sport immediately

Career Highlights:
Winning 1997 Canadian Championships Finishing 10th on World Cup Circuit in first year

Day Off/Recreation:
Catching up on reading the newspapers or a book with a pot of coffee on continuous brew. Or just relaxing watching sports on TV with my fiance Dave (again, includes coffee)

Influence for Triathlon:
Great way to spend summer weekends, and keep fit.

Influence to go full-time:
My good friend Lynne Bermel who left the military to compete in Ironmans. It seems as though I have been following in her footsteps!

Greatest Influence:
My Mom. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today, as a person or as an athlete.

Three Faces of Sharon Donnelly

3 Faces of Sharon Donnelly

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