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May 8, 2001

Track and Field Digest


Discussions on most topics related to track and field and its associated sports are acceptable. Associated sports are defined to be cross country, road racing, marathoning and ultra-marathoning, and race walking. Basically, if the sport falls under the jurisdiction of the IAAF, USATF, or other national athletics governing bodies, it is an appropriate topic for discussion.

The list originated mainly as a means of sharing results, information, insights, and opinions about elite level track and field and its associated sports. This list brings together subscribers from all over the world and can be used to generate interest in, knowledge about, and support for the sport of athletics. We now support well approx. 2,000 subscribers, and growing.

Remember, this list is NOT the same as Rec.Running on USENET NetNews or the Dead Runner's Society. Most of the subscribers here have a serious interest in track and field and how to improve the sport overall. While there is a certain amount of latitude to the content of the posts, some material is unacceptable.

Every message that is sent to the address: or will be passed on to every subscriber of the list.


These guidelines are intended to facilitate better communication on this list. The list is NOT moderated! This means that the list manager, in general, does not determine whether or not messages are suitable for posting. The listserver automatically posts messages without the list manager previewing them. However, all subscribers are expected to follow the guidelines below. We reserve the right to remove any subscriber who fails to adhere to these guidelines in the interpretation of the current list manager.

Remember, use of this listserver is a PRIVILEGE, _not_ a RIGHT. We are all guests of the University Listserver at Oregon. As with all guests, you may be asked to leave if you wear out your welcome.

1). Personal attacks, trash talking, and excessive use of profanity will not be tolerated. Both the subject matter of the posting and the subject header must be in good taste and appropriate, in the opinion of the list manager. Individuals making personal attacks will have their subscription automatically suspended and will not be readmitted unless they issue a retraction of their offending statement.

2). Messages intended for one person on the list should be sent to that person through direct Email. Do NOT post these messages to the entire list.

Due to differences in Email software, the reply function does not always address a message to the original sender, but often to For this reason, always include your name and Email address in the body of your message so that others may reply to you directly.

3). Posts should add something substantial to the ongoing discussion. For example, appending an "I agree" to a previous post, providing redundant information, or simply reiterating previous arguments without adding anything new tend to clog up the list and are discouraged.

4). Damaging accusations, speculations, and misinformation presented as factual are prohibited. Example, "Joe Runner's rapid improvement means he has taken banned drugs," is not acceptable. Accusations and speculations must be presented as personal beliefs or opinions, such as "It is my opinion that...." Violators of this guideline will have their subscription suspended, and must provide a retraction before they may rejoin the list.

5). Individual questions about track and field are appropriate for this list. For example, "Why do some runners hurdle steeple barriers but others step on them?" or "Does anyone know any roadraces in Boston this weekend?" However, the answers to these questions should be sent DIRECTLY to the person asking the question. The original poster can then summarize all the responses and post one message to the list.

6). No requests for meet results are allowed until Monday, 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time following the meet. This is intended as a courtesy to the volunteers who provide these results, as well limiting the number of superfluous requests.

7). The responsibility of the posting content lies entirely with the poster.

8). Postings for commercial purposes are limited on the list. Information on T&F literature, films, websites, and periodicals, may be acceptable
- - please contact the current supervisor before making any postings of this sort to discuss specific guidelines. Information or postings on athletics merchandise - shoes, clothing, apparatus, track surfaces, software, etc. are specifically prohibited.


A group of subscribers in rotating two week shifts (starting on Tuesdays) act as list supervisors, addressing problems and answering questions. This way, these queries receive personal attention and the list can remain more devoted to track and field. Each supervisor will announce the start of their shift. To have questions and problems dealt with promptly, please contact the current supervisor directly.


The t-and-f list is maintained by an automated program that can add and remove people from the list in response to Email messages. Requests to have addresses added or removed from the list should NOT be sent to the entire list.


Send Email to or The subject of the message is ignored.
In the body of the message place the command:
subscribe t-and-f

Majordomo will then send an authorization key to the originating e-mail address, and this key must be sent back to majordomo in order to be subscribed to the list.


Send Email to or The subject of the message is ignored. In the body of the message place the command:
unsubscribe t-and-f

If all goes well, you will receive a message confirming your removal from the list.

For those who cannot or prefer not to send mail to listserver:
Send email to or the current list supervisor requesting that you be added or removed from the list. We are real people, so please treat us as such. We try to confirm all requests with a mail message.


The contents of the list can also be received in digest form. These digests consist of several messages appended together, and arrive 2-6 times per day. Many subscribers find that digests make the list traffic more manageable. To get this option, send the message:
subscribe t-and-f-digest
unsubscribe t-and-f

to or If you are already subscribed to the main list, sending this message will avoid duplicate messages.

To unsubscribe from the digest send the command:
unsubscribe t-and-f-digest

to or

You may wish to configure your subscription and receive information about this list by sending the following commands to or For complete commands information send a message to or with the word "help" in the body.

who t-and-f or
who t-and-f-digest
Find out who is on the list.

info t-and-f or
info t-and-f-digest
Retrieve the general introductory information ( This File ).

Retrieve a help message. ( These Commands Only )

which [

Find out which lists you (or
if specified) are on.

Stop processing commands (useful if your Mailer automatically
adds a signature).

These are not guaranteed to be up-to-date, but we'll do our best to verify them from time to time. Send them Email if you're interested.

This list focuses on the sport of ultrarunning. To subscribe, Email to "" with the message "subscribe ultra firstname lastname".

2.DRS (Dead Running Society)
This list discusses running and other topics informally. To subscribe, Email to "" with the message "sub drs firstname lastname".

3.DRM (Dead Runners Mind)
This list branched off of DRS, and discusses the philosophical and psychological aspects of running. To subscribe, Email to "" with the message "sub drm firstname lastname".

This list deals with exercise and sports psychology. To subscribe, send the message "sub sportpsy firstname lastname" to the address "".

This list deals with the sociological aspects of sports. To subscribe, send the message "sub sportsoc firstname lastname" to the address "".

A list primarily for h.s. coaches for developing and promoting track & field and cross-country for the developing athlete. To subscribe send the message "subscribe coachnet" to the address "LISTPROC@GATE.NET"

This list deals with Canadian track issues, results, and news. To subscribe send the message "sub Track-Canada firstname lastname" to the address "".

This list consists of a subset of messages that are sent to t-and-f. Off-topic posts, duplicate information, and non-elite posts are excluded by a moderator. To subscribe send the message "subscribe t-and-f-select" to the address ""

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This list deals with discussions on issues related to cross country and track. To subscribe send the message "subscribe xc-track" to the address "LISTSERV@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU"

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