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1. Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?
2, How Tattoos Might Affect Your Workout
3. Will 1 Minute of Running a Day Really Strengthen Your Bones?
Digging into the research behind a seemingly improbable health claim.
4. Think Roads Have Become More Dangerous for Cyclists? I Don’t. 
Here’s Why.
5. Long Workdays May Be Bad for Your Heart
6. The Two Way Street of Coaching: Why learning from our athletes is a must.
7. Can Arch Height Predict Your Running Injuries?
High- and low-arched runners cushion their foot landings differently.
8. Coach Mario: Doing Everything, All The Time
9. Study finds 90% of American men overfat
10. How Endurance Athletes Use Herbal Supplements to Get an Edge
The science on how, or even if, these powders, capsules, 
and goos really help remains inconclusive. But many athletes believe 
the placebo effect alone may be enough to nudge them to victory.
11. The worst sports for your knees, according to science
Competitive runners, lifters, and soccer players have something 
in common after all.
12. The Masochist's Marathon
13. The Pricey New World of Meditation
Upscale meditation studios are bringing mindfulness to the masses. 
Are they also diluting the practice?
14. Tips for Training in Hot Weather
Heat? Humidity? Be smart and you can still work toward your goals.
15. 4 Effective Recovery Techniques for After a Long Endurance Event