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1. Hot Weather Workout? Try a Hot Bath Beforehand
2. Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Running With A Group
3. Underweight Female Runners More Likely To Get Stress Fractures
Doctors find women with lower BMIs are at a higher risk of injury, 
take longer to heal.
4. Understanding Nutrition Periodization
5. Running With the Herd
6. When Is The Best Time Of Day To Run?
7. Why Athletes Should Eat Local
How to best fuel your body based on where you live.
8. The Problem With the ‘Hack’ Culture
9. Why fancy gym words may be sabotaging your workout
10. Today's Paleo Diet Looks Nothing Like What Cavemen Used to Eat
Growing research debunks the myth that the paleo movement 
replicates the diet of our ancestors. Here's what they were actually eating.
11. The MAF Top-10
12. Slushies vs. Frozen Underwear for Hot-Weather Workouts
13. How Does Running Make You Feel?
The nascent field of exercise psychology tries to understand 
why some people keep exercising and others stop.
14. Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine
15. Can Your Watch Estimate Your VO2 Max?
Four new studies test the accuracy of fitness prediction functions.