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August 2023 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. What country won the gold medal in the marathon at the 1960, 1964 and 1968 Olympics? ....Answer

  • 2. What was the longest ever Olympic Marathon? ..... Answer

    Who Am I?

  • 3. Name the athlete/model in the photo above. ..... Answer

  • 4. Who won the first (1970) New York City Marathon? .....Answer

  • 5. What was the first race to close downtown London, England to traffic? .....Answer

  • 6. This inivitation-only, men-only marathon has been run since 1947. .....Answer

  • 7. The Freihofer's Run for Women in Albany, New York is the perennial site of the national 5K. What does Freihofer's do? .....Answer

  • 8. What city considers irself "the running capital of the United States"? .....Answer

  • 9. This country swept the medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics 10,000M
    1. Japan
    2. United States
    3. USSR
    4. Finland

  • 10. This athlete was hit by a Mercedes-Benz while training fifteen days before the Olympic Marathon but went on to win the gold medal.
    1. Carlos Lopes, Portugal
    2. Waldemar Cierpinski, German Democratic Republic
    3. Joan Benoit-Samuelson, United States
    4. Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia

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