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June 2006 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. What shoe company sponsored the "Athletics West" track club? ....Answer

  • 2. Who was the first male marathoner to break 2:25 and 2:20? ..... Answer

    Who Am I?

  • 3. Name the runner in the photo. ..... Answer

  • 4. Who was the first American to finish an Olympic Marathon? .....Answer

  • 5. Where did Munich Olympic marathon champion Frank Shorter place in the 10,000m at the same Games? .....Answer

  • 6. When Waldmar Cierpinski crossed the finish line in the 1980 Moscow Olympic Marathon winning the gold medal, how many runners were on the track finishing the marathon? .....Answer

  • 7. When he was 17 years old, he was hit from behind in a crash tackle during a rugby match. He was left with a dislocated houlder, ruptured veins and arteries, blood clost, and a paralyzed left arm. After two months in the hospital and two perations, he was released with a withered arm and shoulder. He had to relearn how to walk, dress himself and feed himself. Eight years later he broke the four-minute mile and at the 1960 Olympics he won the 5000m. Who was he? .....Answer

  • 8. Who, when asked for a definitive answer regarding his age, said, "I don't count the years. Men may steal my chickens, men may steal my sheep. But no man can steal my age." .....Answer

  • 9. Who won 44 consecutive races at 1500 meters or one mile between 1954 and 1960?
    1. Herbert Elliot, Australia
    2. Peter Snell, New Zealand
    3. Ron Delany, Ireland
    4. Michel Jazy, France

  • 10. World record holder Filbert Bayi of Tanzania did not compete in the 1500M final at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Why not?
    1. He was injured.
    2. Tanzania boycotted the Games.
    3. He fell and failed to qualify in the heats.
    4. He slept in and missed the race.

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