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Leah Larocque is a graduate of Queen's University (2011) in Kingston, Ontario where she ran track and cross-country. She was Ottawa's "Road Racer Of The Year" for 2010 and 2011. She has won the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K for the past three years.
In 2010 she was the first local finisher in Emilie's Run leading the OAC Racing Team to a first place in the team competition. She is currently is a member of the Ottawa Running Room Team. In Emilie's Run in June she placed 6th in 17:30.4 leading the Running Room to first place in the team competition.
Leah was a Publications and Communications Assistant with the Ottawa Senators until May of this year. She is returning to school this fall to take Journalism at Carleton.
She is continuing to run and will be writing a regular column for the Runner's Web.

Leah Larocque's Columns
Updated:   September 27, 2012
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