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September 2007 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. Where was Alberto Salazar born? ....Answer

  • 2. Where was Frank Shorter born? ..... Answer

    Who Am I?

  • 3. Name the woman on the left and the man on the right. ..... Answer

  • 4. Did John Landy use "rabbits" when he broke Roger Bannister's mile record of 3:59.4 by running 3:58? .....Answer

  • 5. 1960 Olympic 1500-meter champion Herb Elliot never lost a 1500 or mile race in his career. How many races did he win? .....Answer

  • 6. He was so good at the indoor mile that he was called "The Chairman of the Boards". .....Answer

  • 7. He's the only man to win the New York City Marathon four years in a row. .....Answer

  • 8. In 1980 Boston Marathon finishers received Yogurt and energy bars for the first time. Priot to that, the postrace nourishment for runners was: .....Answer

  • 9. Twice this American held the world record in the women's mile.
    1. Suzy Favor Hamilton;
    2. Marla Runyan;
    3. Francie Larrieu;
    4. Mary Decker Slaney.

  • 10.Who was the first African runner to set the world record for the mile?
    1. Said Aouita of Morocco;
    2. Filbert Bay of Tanzania;
    3. Kip Keino of Kenya;
    4. Nourediine Morcel of Algeria.

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