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September 2012 Runner's Web Trivia

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  • 1. What shoe company sponsors Usain Bolt? ....Answer

  • 2. Jackie Joyner-Kersee, by far and away the worlds greatest Heptathlete suffered from __________? ..... Answer

    Who Am I?

  • 3. Name the runner (#580) in the photo above. ..... Answer

  • 4. Which were the first Olympic Games to make a profit ? .....Answer

  • 5. Which Olympic Games were the first to use the Olympic flag? .....Answer

  • 6. Diskos was a Greek word meaning __________? .....Answer

  • 7. How many runners ran the 1970 New York City Marathon? .....Answer

  • 8. When she was killed in 1980 as an innocent victim in a robbery attempt, an autopsy determined that the winner of the 1932 Olympics women's 100M was actually a male. Who was "she"? .....Answer

  • 9. How far is one lap around a standard eight, 42-inch lane track—in LANE-2?
    1. 403;
    2. 405;
    3. 407;
    4. 409.

  • 10. What grueling Olympic event saw Josia Thugwane become the first black man from South Africa to win a gold medal, in 1996?
    1. Marathon;
    2. Decathlon;
    3. Triathlon;
    4. 400M Hurdles.

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