November 26, 2021: Runner's Web Digest    About   View Online 
1. Not a Prank: The Cutoff for the 2022 Boston Marathon is 0 Minutes and 0 Seconds
2. Altra Provision 6 Review: Light Touch of Stability
3. How to Save Your Knees Without Giving Up Your Workout
4. Greg McMillan: The Art of Coaching
5. Are female athletes’ carbohydrate needs different to men's?
6. How Heavy Should You Be Lifting? Weight Training for Endurance Athletes
7. Why Pain Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Injured 
8. Iron and the Female Athlete
9. What is PNF Stretching?
10. International Olympic Committee Abandons Women Athletes 
11. Are Workout ‘Highs’ Real? Study Finds Cannabis-Like Substances 
Released After Exercise
12. How Exercise Affects Your Appetite
13. New research outlines how longer lives are tied to physical activity
14. One-Hour Workout: Find Your Top-End Swim Speed
15. Timing of caffeine intake in long races