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1. How to Spot and Address Exercise Addiction
2. Why Altitude Training Helps Some but Not Others
3. Peak Fitness vs. Peak Performance
4. White Fragility & the Ruling Against Caster Semenya
5. How to Use Blood Biomarkers to Inform Your Training
6. What’s your body fat percentage?
7. Why you should stretch more often than before and after exercise 
- especially nowadays
8. What is overtraining?
9. Is Coronavirus Affecting the Hearts of College Athletes?
10. Workout of the Week: The Multi-Pace 3K Cutdown
11. Optimizing Your Microbiome For Health & Performance 
With Sara Bird And Rob Pellow
12. How Does Your Brain Process Feelings of Fatigue?
13. The Sweat Science Fall Book List
14. Which recovery tools are worth your time and money?
15. What Is VO2max?