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1. Apple Watch can now detect your irregular heart rhythms 
and other problems: Here’s how it works
2. The myth of the running shoe
3. What I Learned from a Running Therapy Session
A wave of psychotherapists are treating patients by running with them.
4. How to Get The Most Out of Coaching
5. Strength Training: Build a Back for Cycling
6. What Muscles Do Deadlifts Really Work Anyway?
A trainer explains why you should incorporate them 
into your strength-training routine.
7. The athletes starving themselves for success
8. What We Know About Diet and Weight Loss
After decades of research, there are shockingly few firm conclusions.
9. Gender paradox: Women’s health still lags
10. You don’t have to smash every run
11. Is Aerobic Exercise the Key to Successful Aging?
Aerobic activities like jogging and interval training can make our cells 
biologically younger; weight training did not have the same effect.
12. Gina Paletta discusses how to stay positive while dealing 
with long term injury
13. Sweat Science: Loving the Pain
14. The science of elite long distance running
15. 5 Years? 5 Decades? Running Every Day Takes Dedication