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1. The Chase for the Sub 4-Minute Mile and The Complexity of Success 
2. Reebok Floatride Energy X Review: Tempo Temptation, Race Day Runner-Up
3. The Benefits of Training in the Heat and How to Do it Safely
4. Untangling Running’s Shoe Cushioning Paradox 
5. Training Intensities with Dr. Stephen Seiler
6. Is B.M.I. a Scam?
7. Want to Run Fast? Listen to Your Gut 
8. How Strava Fame Became a Burden for Molly Seidel 
9. Proven muscle-building training principles
10. How My Fitness Tracker Turned Me Against Myself
11. Men, Are You Eating Enough to Fuel Your Exercise?
12. The Basics of Arm Form for Runners
13. Age no barrier: how Jo Schoonbroodt smashed the 70+ marathon record
14. Nail Your Golden Recovery Window for Optimum Health and Performance
15. How to Apply the Principle of Specificity for Exercise Gains