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1. When There Are No Races Left To Direct
2. How to Handle Missed Workouts
3. A Bunch of Running Nerds on Their Favorite Shoes
4. Serious Endurance Training Makes Sitting Sort of OK
5. My marathon has moved, what should I do?
6. The Older I Get, the More I Love Foamy, Cushy Shoes
7. COVID-19: Practical Tips For The Endurance Sports Community
8. Yep, Exercise Can Increase Brain Function - 
And May Help Reduce a Marker of Alzheimer’s
9. Health tips in the time of coronavirus
10. You Have Permission to Train 
(and do some other things, with some caveats)
11. How ‘Muscle Memory’ May Help Keep Us Fit
12. Practical Advice to Training Athletes During COVID-19 Outbreak 
- Ben Cox (BSc, MSc)
13. Running Doc's Guide to Healthy Eating
14. Can you put a price on what it takes to get Canadians more physically active?
15. How Running Led the Charge to Postpone the Olympics