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1. What Young Rats’ Workouts Could Tell Us About the Human Heart
2. How Does a Lifetime of Regular Exercise Slow Aging?
3. Why Caffeine Might Not Make You Faster
It's the most reliable performance booster in the world-
unless you have the wrong genes.
4. New Science on Anti-Aging Effect of Exercise
5. Is running in a group better for you?
6. A Brief Timeline of All the Bullshit Female Runners Have Overcome
7. Through the Summer
Based on current guidelines, moms-to-be are often left wondering whether
 they can still go out for a run in hot and humid conditions.
8. The Long Run: How far, how fast, and do you need it?
9. Sleep yourself fitter: Polar reveals the sleep habits of 28 countries
10. Hey Ladies: Cycling Can Boost Your Sex Life
Women who bike don’t need to worry about sexual or urinary function, 
according to a massive new study. But they still need to take care down there.
11. ‘New Medicine,’ same old problems
12. An Athlete's Guide to #Trending Diets
13. Is Running Twice a Day Beneficial?
14. Boston Marathon Mile-By-Mile Course Guide (Training Tips)
15. Breaking the Mental Block of the Four-Minute Mile