Septmber 30, 2022: Runner's Web Digest    About   View Online 
1. How to Exercise Safely as It Gets Colder and Darker
2. Running outside vs treadmill: Is there actually any difference?
3. Optimize Exercise: Specific Links Between Exercise, Memory, 
and Mental Health Revealed by Fitness Trackers
4. Is it better to work out in the morning or at night? 
5. Altra Outroad Review: One Hybrid to Rule Them All?
6. It's not just a fad! Swimming in cold water may help you lose weight 
and protect against diabetes, major review finds
7. Marathon wisdom - what fires you up?
8. A Fitness Guide to Preventing Dangerous Falls in Old Age
9. Can Ice Baths Help You Burn Body Fat? New Research Says Yes
10. 3 Ways To Cope With Pre-Race Nerves
11. How Elite Runners Train When They’re Pregnant 
12. Exercise with weights linked to lower risk of early death, study says
13. 5 Morning Stretches to Get Your Day Started Right
14. UCI to host road championships for Afghan women next month in Switzerland
15. He’s Probably the Best Athlete Alive. Does Anyone Care?