June 2, 2023: Runner's Web Digest    About   View Online 
1. After decades of neglecting women athletes, sport and exercise medicine 
is finally catching up
2. Sweltering Sauna or Cold Plunge? Getting Comfortable 
with Being Uncomfortable Can Boost Performance and Health
3. Dopamine – The Secret Ingredient to Effortless Exercise?
4. You’re probably running your easy miles too fast — 
here’s how to pace yourself 
5. Running Pain: Should You Keep Running Through It?
6. For a Better Workout, Trick Your Brain
7. Exercise linked to higher pain tolerance – new study
8. Should you run fasted?
9. VO2 Priming Before Hard Intervals
10. Does Hypermobility Make You More Prone to Sports Injuries? 
11. People Who Exercise Handle Pain Better, Study Finds
12. Athlete Travel Tips: 6 things to consider when travelling 
to an international race
13. University joins forces with UK Sports Institute on female athlete health
14. Molly Seidel’s Journey to Embracing Imperfect Mental Health Advocacy 
15. Lionel Sanders says “a lactate monitor doesn’t win a race” a
s he goes back to basics