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1. The Story of the Cyclist with the Highest-Ever VO2 Max 
2. The Anatomy of a Perfect Marathon Taper
3. The Seductive Appeal of Adidas’s “Illegal” Running Shoe  
4. ‘I have a goal with pain’: Kipchoge reveals secret to superhuman feats
5. On Cloudboom Echo Review: Diamond Fists or Paper Hands?
6. How should athletes use caffeine during training and racing? 
7. Here’s Why Nordic Skiers Are So Fit
8. Stretching and Muscle Fascia
9. New Research Highlights the Importance of Hydration for Your Heart
10. Why Sprinters Peak in the Evening and Marathoners Don’t 
11. The New Science on How We Burn Calories
12. New Research Suggests Lowering Protein Requirements for Masters Athletes
13. Your Workout Burns Fewer Calories Than You Think
14. What Factors Put Runners at Risk for Exertional Heat Stroke During a Marathon?
15.  Are Naps Good for You? They May Not Make Up for Sleep Deprivation