February 3, 2023: Runner's Web Digest    About   View Online 
1.Are you fueling adequately to maintain health and performance?
2. Researchers Have Pinpointed One Type of Exercise That Makes People 
Live Longer—It’s Not What You May Think
3. Altra Via Olympus hits the mark
4. Saunas Are Filling Up, but Are They Actually Good for You?
5. People are already using ChatGPT to create workout plans
6. Saucony Endorphin Elite Review: The Caged Bird Sings
7. Desperate to get fit but hate doing it in public? H
ere are seven ways to beat gymtimidation
8. How Long Does It Take to Get Fit Again?
9. At the Gym, High Intensity Is Out, ‘Sculpt’ Is In
10. Female Athlete Mystery: 
should she train with respect to her menstrual cycle?
11. There’s New Evidence That Collagen Might Help Your Tendons 
12. The Sporting Heart
13. Gender, Sex, and Powerlifting:
14. ‘Watch this creep’: the women exposing gym harassment on TikTok
15. Cycling and exercise addiction: how much is too much?