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1. Heat Slows You Down. Even When It's Not Real
2. The Risks of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports
3. Athletic recovery science is murky at best, 
but that’s no reason to ditch the ice baths
4. More on the age-elite athlete thing, you all rock, 
plus "My most interesting" links for you
5. Marathon-Specific Workouts to Break Training Monotony
6. The Science Behind Maximizing Your Winter Run
Make the most of your next cold-weather workout with these 5 expert tips.
7. We Bust Our Butts to Make the Most of Our Training - 
It’s Time for Researchers to Aim for Excellence, Too
A group of vocal exercise scientists is calling for reform in the field. 
Here’s hoping they get it.
8. Can Running in Extreme Cold Permanently Hurt Your Lungs?
9. Superfood Shakedown
10. Sports Drinks Are Overhyped. But They Work
11. Exercise May Help to Fend Off Depression
Jogging for 15 minutes a day, or walking or gardening for somewhat longer, 
could help protect people against developing depression.
12. Fueling Tips To Maximize Your Training
13. Semenya appeal case mixes science, sports, gender politics
14. Bigger is Better: How a Runner Can Build a Huge Aerobic Base
15. Disconnecting Calories From Exercise