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1. HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X 2 Performance Review
2. Painkillers in sport: A necessity or a serious health risk?
3. Should You Lift With Heavier Weight and Lower Reps—or Vice Versa?
4. Fitness: Outdoor exercise is the new normal - even for winter
5. Running Shoes are Part of an Environmental Crisis. Is Change Coming?
6. Seeking the Fastest Shoe in the Post-Vaporfly Era
7. Going outside and exercising is going to be key for your mental health this winter. 
Here’s how to do it
8. Wearing a Mask During Workouts Really Isn’t So Bad
9. Could Adding This Vitamin to Your Diet Offer UV Protection?
10. How to find motivation for training without races
11. Rethinking the Cross-Training Paradox
12. The secrets of the world's fastest marathon runners