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1. Can Vitamin D Affect Your Performance?
2. Race Participation Is on the Rise, Slightly
3. The Hidden Cost of the Post-Workout Sauna
Heat training has been hyped as a powerful workout enhancer, 
but new research sounds a note of caution.
4. The Best Running Tips of All Time
We've been doling out running advice for 40 years. Here are the 27 best 
tips, tricks, and ideas we've ever shared. It's your one-stop shop for all things 
5. Workout Of The Week: The Sisyphus Session
A challenging, effort-based hill workout that takes you farther 
and farther - 'til you get to the top.
6. More Tempo Running - A Key Ingredient To The Kenyan Success
7. High Volume AND High Speed Training
8. Fitness: Is it worth feeling the burn of HIIT?
High-intensity interval training saves time, but if you want to lose weight, 
this may not be the workout for you.
9. Exercise can help in the fight against cancer, but how do we persuade 
patients to do it?
10. What is Dynamic Stretching?
The pro’s, con’s and definitions. Including how to do a dynamic stretch, 
the 4 types of dynamic stretching and dynamic stretching examples.
11. 1:59
Want to run your best marathon? Think Uber!
12. This Is the Best Cardio Machine in the Gym, According to Research
You may dread the ’mill, but it packs the most total-body benefits 
over machines like the bike or rower.
13. Do Our Babies Need to Move More?
A study that used activity trackers to monitor babies found associations 
between infants’ movement and levels of fat.
14. To Get Ready for a Sub-3 Marathon, You Need a Stiff "Marathon Test" 
15. What makes an Olympic gold medalist?