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1.Adidas ULTRABOOST 21: First Thoughts
2. Exploring Periodization Methods
3. Strength Training Outside of the Weight Room 
4. How to break the endless cycle of big goals and broken resolutions 
5. The Pandemic Bike Boom Is Here to Stay
6. Warm-up, Cool-down, & Recovery - Myths & Misconceptions 
about stretching in the warm up & cool down.
7. New Research Says More Activity Is Better, and There’s No Upper Limit
8. The Benefits of Moderate Exercise
9. Re-Evaluating Vitamin D as a Sports Supplement
10. The 7 types of rest that every person needs
11. What counts as good for your age? 
12. See how they run: ‘Exercise protein’ doubles running capacity, 
restores function and extends healthy lifespans in older mice
13. What happens when you drink too much before a race?
14. The 21 Best Running Shoes of 2020
15. The Pros and Cons of Running Once or Twice a Day