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The Start of Emilie's Run - June, 2012

Updated: January 24, 2020:

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Today's Digest:
1. Can Vitamin D Affect Your Performance?
2. Race Participation Is on the Rise, Slightly
3. The Hidden Cost of the Post-Workout Sauna
Heat training has been hyped as a powerful workout enhancer, but new research sounds a note of caution.
4. The Best Running Tips of All Time
We've been doling out running advice for 40 years. Here are the 27 best tips, tricks, and ideas we've ever shared. It's your one-stop shop for all things running.
5. Workout Of The Week: The Sisyphus Session
A challenging, effort-based hill workout that takes you farther and farther—'til you get to the top.
6. More Tempo Running - A Key Ingredient To The Kenyan Success
7. High Volume AND High Speed Training
8. Fitness: Is it worth feeling the burn of HIIT?
High-intensity interval training saves time, but if you want to lose weight, this may not be the workout for you.
9. Exercise can help in the fight against cancer, but how do we persuade patients to do it?
10. What is Dynamic Stretching?
The pro’s, con’s and definitions. Including how to do a dynamic stretch, the 4 types of dynamic stretching and dynamic stretching examples.
11. 1:59
Want to run your best marathon? Think Uber!
12. This Is the Best Cardio Machine in the Gym, According to Research
You may dread the ’mill, but it packs the most total-body benefits over machines like the bike or rower.
13. Do Our Babies Need to Move More?
A study that used activity trackers to monitor babies found associations between infants’ movement and levels of fat.
14. To Get Ready for a Sub-3 Marathon, You Need a Stiff "Marathon Test" Workout
15. What makes an Olympic gold medalist?

"Hi my name is Danielle Gray, I have been reading your email newsletters for about a year now and I love them. I am a high school runner and I love finding a brief summary about a subject and if I decide I like it I can click on the url to find out more about it. It beats going to all the different running sights. I run am a high school distance runner. I run the 5k for cross country season, 1000, 1500, and 3000 for winter track and for spring I do mainly the mile but I like doing the 800 and 3200 every now and then. I was very interested about that 15 year old girl I think her name is Georgie Clarke. I would do anything to run with her for a day. I couldn't believe her time in the 1500. Well I was just writing to tell you that I love your email newsletters and keep up the good work."

"I really appreciate the Runnersweb and especially the digest. As a physiotherapist I often collect and save various articles on injury, rehab, physiology, training, etc from a variety of sources such as journals, online sites, etc. but I would say that I the runnersweb digest is the largest single resource where I find these. Thanks for all the great work you do in putting this together, it's very much appreciated."
Sean Corrigan

I m a highschool P.E teacher and an amateur runner. I've been a fan of your website the Runner's Web for a long time. The contents of your site have helped me a lot in my daily training. It also inspired me to create something to help others like me.

I've recently created this infographic.
I thought that this would make it easier for people to understand the content.

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