Ottawa Road Running Series to Debut March 14th

By Joe DuVall

Reprinted from the NCRA's On the Run

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Subsequent to the publication of the article below in the March/April issue of the NCRA's On the Run, The series has been re-named the National Capital Running Series (NCRS).

A few informal meetings and several open minds have resulted in the birth of the Ottawa Road Running Series, which has been formed for the benefit of the local running community.

Race Directors from several events in the Region gathered the information from all races (that we have knowledge of), and are in the process of designing a brochure for distribution in early March. A total of 25,000 copies are being printed, and will be available up and down the Ottawa and Seaway Valleys, and the Outaouais. The Ottawa Road Running Series will kick off on Saturday March 14th with the "St-Patrick’s Day 10K," and wind up Saturday November 14th with the "Help Santa Toy Parade" 2 mile race. A total of 12 races form the Series, with points awarded to runners in 5 year age categories for men and women between 14 and 70+years, as well as an open category. On going Series standings for all categories will be published on the "Sportstats" web site, and a wind up reception will be held at the end of the Series to award the winners. As yet, we have not determined what these prizes will be.

Runners who complete at least 8 of 12 Series races will be awarded a $20 gift certificate from either "The Running Room, Motionware or Sports 4 at the reception as well. The following events form the 1998 Ottawa Citizen Road Running Series.

Date - Event - Distance

Sat. March 14 - St. Patrick’s Day Race 10K

Sun. April 19 - Microsoft Run for Reach 10K

Sat. April 25 - Investor’s Group Physiotherapy Run 5K

Sat. May 09 - MDS Nordion 10K

Wed.July 01 - Motionware Canada Day Road Races 10K

Tue. Aug 18 - Xerox 10K

Mon.Sep 07 - Booth Centre Run 10K

Sun. Sep 13 - Gloucester Half Marathon 21.1K

Sun. Sep 27 - Sri Chinmoy Cross Country 7K

Sat. Oct 10 - Beat Beethoven 8K

Sun. Oct 18 - Rattle Me Bones 10K

Sat. Nov 14 - Help Santa Run 3.2K

The Executive of the Ottawa Running Series is as follows:

Chair: Joe DuVall

Vice Chair: Glendon Pye

Treasurer: Manny Agulnik

Secretary: Dick Murray

Distribution: John Pillar, Rick Hellard

Brochure Design: Rene Hache

For more information, contact Joe DuVall, 591-0340, or Glendon Pye, 841-7243.