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Updated:October 10, 2009
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Some comments on the Runner's Web:

Wes Murphy, Public Relations Officer - Triathlon Ireland
"I'm the new PRO for Triathlon Ireland and have been given the task of publicising our events and issuing our news storys.
A lot of athletes on this side of the Atlantic look at your site as its very informative."

Simon Whitfield, 2000 Olympic Triathlon champion
"Keep up the amazing work with, awesome, thanks for keeping me updated."

Amby Burfoot, Executive Editor, Runner's World Magazine
"I'm a big fan of your site".

Triathlete Jill Savege - 2003 Pan American Champion and Canadian Champion
"I read your website all the time. It is my newspaper in the morning when I eat breakfast"

Triathlete Natasha Filliol - Canadian Elite Triathlon Team, 2002 Commonwealth Games Team, 2003 Pan American Games Team
"One of the first things I do every morning is check out Keep it up!"

Triathlete Sharon Donnelly - 1999 Pan American Champion, 3 Time Canadian Champion and Sydney Olympian
"...I read it on your Runners' Web, which I have set up as my Homepage of course!"

The Runner's Web is ranked # 1 for Running and Triathlon in Google
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January 29, 2003: Golden Web Awards
January 11, 2003:

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The Runner's Web was rated 4th out of the top ten track and field sites.
April 10, 2002:
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The Runner's Web was featured in the College Internet Guide under "Running 101: Everything from what gear to wear to when and where to run can be found at these running sites."
March 30, 2002:
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March 27, 2002:
Critical Mass
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February 19, 2002:
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November 22, 2001:
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June 20, 2001
Running: Untangling runners' Web is quite easy
The Sacramento Bee
April 21, 2001
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February 7, 2001
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The Runner's Web was the
top rated "Sports" site for January.
December 31, 2000: Golden Web Awards
December 15, 2000
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November 1, 2000
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The Runner's Web was the
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November 1, 2000
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The Runner's Web was the
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October 30, 2000 "Site of the Day"
September 6, 2000
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The Runner's Web was the
top rated "Sports" site for August.
March 30, 2000
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January 19, 2000
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December 16, 1999
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July 9, 1998
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May 18, 1999
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Runner's Web:
Rating: -4 Stars- Description: One of the best sites on the web for runners. Vast quantities of information and tools.

Glen's Triathlete Home Page

My FEATURED LINKS for February 1999
These links are some of the best I've found so far and are featured for the month. New links will be featured every month.

Runners Web Don't be fooled by the name, they have excellent links to Running, Duathlon, Triathlon and other multisport combinations. Another great site!

WebSideStory Pick of the Week January 18, 1999
WebSideStory World 1000 Pick
of the Week! What A Tangled Web We Weave

What on earth does this title have to do with The Runner's Web? Nothing. I just thought it sounded good, and you know some nasty Senator or advisor has whispered that about the President already. This site is very cool. Clinton may not be checking out their calendar of running events any time soon, but it does have a very well put together system that can hook runners up with events in their areas. Additionally, one can participate in polls related to the sport of running. The Runners Forum is a great system for idea exchange. What can be the most basic necessity for running? Besides feet. Shoes. There are links to all the major shoe manufacturers where one can gather info about their favorite brand of running shoes. There is even a review section rating the shoes on their performance. This is a well-done and informative site.

Top Ranked Sports Site Week September 13, 1998
by 100Hot.Net

Run the Planet's Site of the Month for September, 1998
Run the Planet
A COOL Site July 14, 1998
The Sharon Donnelly, Triathlete SIte has been named a
NewHoo Sports/Triathlon/Personal_Pages
The Runner's Web maintains this site.
Microsoft Running 3 Star Site
Cool Site of the Month on
Transition Times Magazine

Transition Times
Other Awards
RISCK Featured Link for week of April 5th, 1998.
WebSideStory's Pick of the Week for March 30th.
Microsoft OneClickAway Site for the week of February 9th
" A sport only a runner could love!"

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visit Podismo Magazine's review of the Runner's Web

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