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  Updated:   November 24, 2021
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AltaVista Looksmart Cycling Search  
Bill's Cycling News Links Cycling Groups
EuroSport - Cycling  
HomeTown AOL Cycling
ListingsCanada Directory - Cycling  
Open Directory - Sports - Cycling  
Slam!Sports Cycling  
SportsInfoCentral - Mountain Biking Links
Yahoo Clubs - Cycling  
Yahoo Cycling Search Engine
Cycling Sites
24 Hours of Adrenalin  
5K, 10K and Marathon Running and Training Books by David Holt  
Abdet Cycling Holidays Spain   "Mountain Biking Holidays Spain - The Costa Blanca"
Adventure Sports Bicycling Directory  
Alison Sydor European Web Site  
Arash Law   Overview of the 2020 NTSB Bicycle Safety Research Study
Asphalt Magazine   "Magazine Devoted To The Road Cycling Lifestyle"
Athlos   ""
Atlantic Canada Cycling  
Bent Miles - An Online Cycling Magazine  
Bicycle Beano Cycle Tours With Vegetarian Cuisine  "Sociable Cycling Holidays"
(The) Bicycle Page   Bicycling Magazine Online
Bicycling Europe Links  
Bicycling Magazine
Bike Ride Online   Pacific NorthWest
Bike.TK   "An online bike site for biking people"
Bike-Zone   Cycling News
Bikebrain - Velotrend   Bike Computer
BikeIt   Training Diary For Cyclists   "The Total Online Cycling Resource"
Bike New York   "The Great Five Boro Bike Tour"
Bikes on TV   "Your bike TV guide to US TV programs related to bicycles!"
(The) Bike Rack Store   "Find a Bike Rack for all your needs"   "Your place on the web to track your rides, clubs and more!"
Bill's Cycle Racing   Results and News Service
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, Inc.   VA
British Cycling - UK  
British Cycling Federation  
By James   "Endurance Sports from around the globe"
Campos do Jordão - São Paulo - Brasil  
Canadian Cycling Association  
Canadian Cyclist Forum  
Carmichael Training Systems   Train Right
Cascade Bicycle Club Home Page   Seattle, WA
Cervelo Cycles  
Chain Gang Cycle Tours Limited   "Guided bike tours round five of the most beautiful parts of France"
Chris Boardman Page   Unofficial Fan Page
Citizens For Safe Cycling   Ottawa
CNN/Sports Illustrated Cycling News  
Colorado Cyclist  
Cycle Tour Sites
Breaking Away Bike Tours  
Abdet Cycling Holidays Spain   "Mountain Biking Holidays Spain - The Costa Blanca"   "Professional Cycle Tour Operators to the major cycle races"
VeloSport Vacations  
More Cycling Sites
Bikeparts  "UK Cycling Site"
Community Bicycle Network - Toronto, ON  "Toronto Cycling Organization"
Commuting By Bike: Safety Guide & Tips   "By HomeAdvisor"
Cyclefit Total Fitness Solutions  "Cyclefit Complete Lifestyle Solutions, Indoor Cycling, Personal Training, Coaching and Massage Therapy"
CyclePop - Montreal, PQ  "Bike shop and bike tours"
CycleOps  " A Guide to Bike Racing for Beginners and Competitors"
Cycling in Spain   "Info On Cycling And Mountain Biking In Spains Costa Blanca Mountains"
Cycling BC  
Cycling Forums   "Cycling Forums is a cycling related discussion forum, covers road racing, MTB racing, training, equipment, and nutrition"
Cycling in Portland and General Biking Tips   "
Cycling Hall of Fame  
Cycling New Zealand  
CyclingNZ - New Zealand  
Cycling Performance Tips
Cycling Sideways - Cycletouring in Wales and UK  
Cycling Utah Network
Cycling Web  
Daily Peleton   "Pro Cycling Every Day!"
Dave Lloyd BikeSport   UK
(The) Definitive Guide To Safer Cycling  
Denver Rocky Mountain News - Biking Mailing List - Bicycling
East Coast Mountain Biking
Exploratorium's Science of Cycling  
First Union Cycling  
FlyRidesUSA   "eBike Guide for Beginners"
Flythe Cyclery - Raleigh, NC   "Racing, road, mountain & other bikes"
Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup - UK   May 31 - June 1, 2003
Furnace Creek 508 - Death Valley & Mojave Desert   October 11-13, 2003
Giro d'Italia   Official Race Site
Granfondo Cycling Tours   "14 day cycling tours in northern Italy" - Deluxe Bike Tours in Italy   "Deluxe triathlon training package tours in Italy..."
Harris Cyclery   West Newton, MA
How to prevent your bike from being stolen  
IceBike   "Home of the Winter Cyclist"
Inside Denver Biking
International Cycling Union - Union Cycliste Internationale
ITM Carbon stems   "We Keep You Cycling"
Kickbikes and kickbiking in the UK   Vroom Scooters
Kingdom Sports Cycling   "Balance. The Key to Success"
Ladies Cycling Net   "Dedicated To The World Of Ladies Cycling"
Lance Armstrong On-Line!  
Maumee Valley Wheelmen   Bicycle Sports In NW Ohio
Mt Perk Cyclery  
Mountain Bike at El Rancho del Ferrer   Southern Spain
Mountain Bike Is Cool!  
Mountain Biking Magazine  
Mountain Zone - Mountain Biking  
MS Bike and In-Line Skating Tours  
Mountain Biking UK  
MS Bike Tours  
NCNCA Feed Zone   Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Nelson's Bicycle Links  
New England Mountain Bike Association   NEMBA
Nitro Bicycles  
One Sport Ninja   "Best Bike Review & Tips"
Ontario Cycling Association  
Ottawa BicycleClub - ON
Ottawa Bicycle Club Time Trial Results - ON  
Ottawa Dirt-Faced Dollies Biking Club - ON   "All-female Ottawa club for avid cyclists: road and mountain biking"
PARRS   "Bike racks, lockers, shelters, etc. in the UK"
Pedal - Canada's Cycling Magazine  
Power Meter City   "Bicycle Safety: Smart Guide for Every Beginner Cyclist"
ProCycling Online   Monthly Magazine
Pyramid Coaching International   "Increase cycling performance"
QCW Bicycle Velocity Predictor  
Quebec's Cycling Site
Race Across America   June 15 - 27, 2003   "Searchable Database Of Races Nationwide"
Racing Terminology   "From Murf Eelectric Bikes"  
Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 0   OBC Site
Rivendell Bike Works   "Road bike reviews, discussions, classifieds"
Round and Round Productions   "An Event Management Company"
Science of Cycling  
Skeese Greets   "Designed with used bicycle chains, these cool cards are for the bike enthusiasts in your life"
Slam! Sports - Cycling News  
Spinervals   Cycling Videos, Trainers, and Coaching
Spinning on the Internet  
Spoke Length Calculator - by Pete Gray   Requires Java   "Bicycle Racing Tips, Cycling News, Bicycling Fitness Training, Bicycling Tips, Cyclocross News"
Sports News - Cycling  
Supercycling   South Africa
Superdome - Velodrome - Frisco, TX  
Syntace Handlebars and Accessories  
Telekom Malaysia Le Tour de Langkawi  
Texas Bike Coalition - TBC  
The Virtual Breakaway
think180   "Mountain biking in central spain"
Tour de France
Tour de France - More Links
Tour Down Under - Jacob's Creek   Australia
Tour of Spain  
Transcend Magazine Online   "Cycling & Bike Forums For Road Bicycles, Mountain Bikes and General Bicycling" Home Page  
United States Cycling  
USA Cycling Online
VeloFix   "Save Time. Ride More"
VeloNews   "The Journal of Competitve Cycling"
VeloTravels   "Cycling To Your Living Room"
WattsUp CyclingVeloTravels   "Toronto's first individualized power-based cycling program within a group environment"   "Impartial Advice On Cycle Equipment Topics"
Yahoo Sports UK - Cycling  

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