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How to use our RSS news feeds  

Rich Site Summary, also known as Really Simple Syndication, is an open-source XML-based file format that allows syndication and distribution of content. Through RSS, links to our stories can be delivered to a desktop or used in a blog or on a Web site. The RSS news feeds provided by offer headlines that are linked to our site for the full story.

How to use our feeds

The format of the news feeds allows them to be easily read by Web sites and by desktop software programs known as news readers or news aggregators. Examples of news readers are those provided by Amphetadesk or the readers listed below.

To subscribe to our news feeds, copy the URL of the desired feed , and paste it into the news reader you're using under the option that adds a new feed or channel.

Our feeds include headlines and links to stories.

Questions or comments? We want to hear from you about your experience using our RSS feeds. E-mail us and let us know!

Terms of use

This system was designed as a way for anyone to use our content on a Web site, through headlines and links. Feel free to use any or all of our RSS feeds, as long as you refrain from posting our full-text stories.

When using our news feed for a public Web site, i.e., one which will be read by anyone else but yourself, make sure you include proper attribution to Use either text ("" linked to our homepage) or a graphic from our Add a Link page. reserves all rights in and to the logo, and you have the right to use it only as attribution in connection with the RSS feed. reserves the right to require you to cease distributing our content at any time for any reason.


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