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  Updated:   April 26, 2015
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@ Assist Trainer & Diary   UK
AccuRoute Home Page   Map-Measuring Software
ActiveLog   Online Fitness and Nutrition Log
AthletesBase Training Log and Forum   "Web based training log and forum for Track & Field, Cross Country and Road Running athletes"
Athlete's Database & WeightMania Fitness Software   "Software for Running, Weight Lifting and Nutrition"
(The) Athlete's Diary
(The) Athlete's Log - 2000   New Version - 30 Workout Free Trial
Atleto - Athletes Companion   "Open Source program for logging physical activites"
BikeIt   Training Diary For Cyclists
Body Mass Index for the Palm  
BODYFITdb Fitness Software   "Training software for strength, endurance, nutrition and fitness"
Calorie Counter   " Calpal Calorie Counter is a small device that helps people stay in control of their calorie consumption"
Cool Running Online Running Log  
Cool Running (Kick Sports) Software Site  
Corsaro. Software for Runners   "CorsÓro is a complete racing & training software written in Italian & designed for runners."
Cross Country QuickScorer Software   The easy to use Cross Country scoring software
Crosstrainer Software   "Get Fit The Way You See Fit"
CrosTrak Online   Computerized Sport Logbook and Training Monitoring System
CycliStats Software for Cyclists   "Tracks Distance, Time, Speed, Etc., And Estimates Calories Burned..."
Daily Train   "Training Log and Training Chart Manager"
Diet Software and Fitness Software by X3M Software   "Fitness Assistant is a two-in-one Diet Software and Fitness Software"
(The) Digital Athletic Log   "A free online multi sport training log with advanced graphing and analysis tools"
EnduranceLog   "An Open Source Web Based Training Log"
eTrain   Excel-based Triathlon Training Package
EvenFit   "Track Running, Swimming, Biking, Cardio & Weight Training Workouts."
ExerciseLog2 - Running Software   Running, Bicycling and Swimming Online Log
Favourite Run   "Find and create running and cycling maps"
Fit4U   "Personal training schedules in Dutch and English"
Fitcentric Technology   Formerly Ultracoach
FitFix   "Revolutionary Software for Fitness Trainers"
Fitness Intelligence   "Advanced race analytics for endurance multisport"   "Runner's Log for Palm"
FitTrend Runners Journal   "A free, easy to use, and comprehensive web-based tool" - Software Listing   Health and Fitness Software
GetFitLog   " Free training logs for cycling, running, weights"
Harrier--Cross Country Scoring and Timing  
Infinity Run Club Manager   "Running Club Management Software"   "Free online training log for athletes of all types"
iTriTracker   " iTriTracker is a windows based workout log for runners, bikers and swimmers."
JanaTrains Heart Rate Calculator   Excel 97
Joggeur 7.01   Race Event Software (French) * Latest Version *
Kina Athletic Systems   "Software helping Athletes at every level to achieve their dreams"   "Universal Logbook and Ranking"
Map My Run   "Run, Plot, Save"
Mapper Distance Measuring Software   "Route measuring and recording software"
MP3 Fitness Training: Audio-Guided Workouts by Total Wellness Consulting   "Running Coach with Training-Logbook and much more"
MySport Training!   "Fitness Tracking Software For Your PocketPC"   "myTRILog is an advanced tool designed by a Professional Triathlete and an experienced software developer"   "Triathlon Performance Scorecard"
MyWay Personal Router   "Software to measure a route using a mouse on the screen"
Pace Calculator for Palm OS  
PaceMate - Pace/Distance/Time Calculalor, Log, & Graph  
PC Coach Online Fitness Journal  
PCRunLog Software   " PCRunLog Windows software for runners, joggers, walker"
Performance Factor Calculator
Personal Logs   "Customized training log books for runners"   Online Running & Exercise Diary
Pocket Team Timer - Chocolatefish Software   "Software tools for coaching, training and running"
Polar Heart Rate Monitor   Finland
Pursuit Performance   Australia
QSPOINTS   Quintessential Sophistry Point and Pace Calculator
Race Management Systems   "Software for managing and scoring races"
RaceAid   A Free Software Program for Timing and Scoring Athletic Racing Events
RaceBuilder   Software for Race Directors
Race Entry  
RaceTrack 2000   Race Management Software
RobertsTech Race Timing System   Formerly FastCats
Route Ruler   "Know Before You Go!"
Routiki - Route Mapping and Photos   "Routiki - Share, Find, Map All Your Runs, Bikes, Walks, Geotagged Photos"
rubiTrack   "Activity Tracking for the Mac"
Run Don't Walk   Racing & Training Software   "Record and update your personal best 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon race times"
RunCoach   Running Schedule Software
Running Motivation  
RunMan Running Managemen   "Italian web site that offers a free on-line software for the management and the memorization of training and races"   "Retrace Your Marathon Footsteps"
RunnersLog Training Log Website   Free
RunningLog   Training and Racing Log Software
RunOrgy   "A free online running log with features for group & team training"
RunPaces   Downloadable Shareware Performance Prediction
Runner's Log from Pegasus Software  
Runner's Studio Training Software   "Premiere running software that helps you log training runs, create and track goals, chart and analyze run performance, manage and log races, plan workouts, and much more. The only running software you will ever need!"
Running2Win   Free Online Training Log
RunPlanner   "The RunPlanner program calculates time and pace information for runners, walkers, and for those who do a combination run/walk interval. "
RunPredictor   "Race Time/Pace and Training Pace Calculator "
RunScore   Race Scoring Software
Science Sportsware  Software for Bicycling, Running, Swimming or Triathlon Training
Screen Savers - Running  For Runner's World Subscribers Only
Screen Savers - Running  Runner Triathlete News Covers
Shapelink  "Free training and nutrition diary online"
Split Time Wristband Generator 
"   "Sport Specific, Performance Enhancing Monitors"
" Strideware for Runners and Walkers   "Tracks Distance, Time, Speed, Steps, And Automatically Estimates Calories Burned"
" Swim Log Software for Swimmers  
TimeMachine   "Tomorrow's Track/Cross Country Timer Today! "
Total Coaching   "TotalCoaching Fitness App"   "TrackBrain.Com provides quality Palm OS software that helps the track & field coach do the job better and faster"   "Sophisticated map measuring software for runners"
Trail Log   "Sophisticated training log for road, trail and fell runners"
TrainingBase for 16 Bit Windows   Athlete's Database   "Endurance Sports' Most Popular Training System "   "the ENDURANCE Operating System"
Triathlog Wizards   "Interactive Database Of Your Training And Racing History"
Triathlon Log   Triathlon Training Log - Excel 97
Tweet A Run   "Keep Track of Your Running and Tweet To Your Friends"
Up and Running!   World's Best Running Logbook
winningSTATS   A free on-line web site for storing running log entries
WorkoutLog   "Web-based Fitness Solutions"
YPI Training Planner Software
Zeropace Training Log  

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