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Updated:   December 2, 2003
About Tracy Montgomery
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A monthly column on sports injuries - how to avoid them and how to treat them; the latest in sports medicine treatment.
Watch for this monthly column written by Ottawa's own Tracy Montgomery.
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About Tracy Montgomery

Tracy Montgomery Tracy has a Bachelor of Sciences, with a major in Physical Education from the State University of West Georgia. During this time, Tracy competed in the NCAA on a cross country running scholarship.

Upon graduation, Tracy taught physical education and coached varsity track and field before moving into massage therapy. Tracy has developed a background in sports massage with experiences including the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Ottawa Rebel Lacrosse, World Cup Triathlon, and by working with national teams including the Canadian Men's Basketball team and the Canadian Slalom Canoe and Kayak team.

Tracy is a fully certified Active Release Technique provider and will be providing treatment on the ART team at Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Hawaii. Tracy currently has a wide variety of clients ranging from national class athletes to individuals seeking massage as a source of relaxation.

She is currently a member of the Ottawa Athletic Club Racing Team, a women's road racing and triathlon club.

She can be contacted through the Montgomery Massage website available through the logo above.

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