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Hello! My name is Samantha Calder-Sprackman and I am a runner and Emergency Medicine Resident living in Ottawa, Ontario. Welcome to my product review column!
My running story: I started running three years ago to complete a half marathon and incorporate fitness into my busy daily routine. After running my first half marathon, I caught the ‘racing bug’ and was already looking to sign up for another race. I have now run three marathons since starting my short running career, including the Boston Marathon. Eight months ago I decided to take my recreational training to the next level and joined the Ottawa Athletic Club Women’s Racing Team. Since joining the team, I have been focusing on speed work at the 5k-10k distances. I am currently chasing a sub-20 minute 5k and am hoping that 2014 will be my year to achieve this goal!
My love of gear: Having completed an undergraduate degree in Physical and Health Education and Life Sciences from Queen’s University as well as a Medical Doctor Degree from the University of Ottawa, I have a strong appreciation for the importance of physical activity. However, I also understand that having the right gear can make physical activity (of any sorts) more enjoyable! Despite having a relatively short running career thus far, I have tested out a lot of gear: GPS watches, running shoes, hats, sports bras, compression socks – you name it! I particularly love the thrill of trying out a new product and determining if it will impact my running comfort or performance.
Product reviews: Several months ago, I was given the awesome opportunity to write product reviews for Runner’s Web. This column will be a compilation of product reviews based on my personal experience. Guarantee: With all reviews, I will ensure to test the product extensively before writing a review and forming an opinion. Disclaimer: I am not an expert; the thoughts and opinion expressed in these columns are my own and will always be truthful.
If you have a product that you would like tested out, please contact Ken Parker.

Samantha Calder-Sprackman's Product Reviews
Updated:   May 11, 2014
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