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Posted: April 6, 2016:  

Athletics: Affliction Clothing Keeps the Drive Alive

(SEAL BEACH, CA) - Can a brand of clothing have the power to change someoneís life?

For retired United States Marine Jose Luiz Sanchez Affliction Clothing did. Jose reached out to executives at Affliction recently to share his incredible story and his life-saving connection with the brand.

Critically wounded by hostile fire while on patrol in Afghanistan, Jose lost his leg and returned home a cripple. He fell into despair, drowning in anger, loss and fear, his will to live diminishing with each day. Recognizing his downward spiral, Jose reached within, harnessing his strength and turned his anguish into power at the gym. Geared up in Affliction clothing he began training so rigorously he continually snapped his prosthetic leg. But he refused to give up. "I used the pain to fuel the fire within. I could not let selfishness consume my life. I made it my mission to become a better me than I was before and found new purpose motivating others to become a better version of themselves. Giving back to the world is my passion now."

"When I saw the brand Affliction I instantly connected with it," explains Sanchez. "I didnít want people to feel sorry for me, I didnít want anyone to focus on my injury or my weakness and my fear. I wanted them to see my strength and my drive. Wearing Affliction helped me be more comfortable with who I was. It made a statement when I had no words. It fought for me when I couldnít fight for myself.

My Affliction has been with me day in and day out since I got injured. There isnít a day that goes by that I donít live with that pain and that suffering. But that Affliction keeps my drive alive," says Sanchez.

After hearing his incredible story, Affliction has named Sanchez an Affliction Sport brand ambassador. "He exemplifies what the brand stands for," says Eric Foss, co-owner of Affliction Clothing. "We celebrate his attitude, his fighting spirit and his ability to overcome adversity and turn his pain into the power to achieve."

A popular menís lifestyle brand for over a decade, Affliction has multitudes of die-hard fans who live the brandís "Live Fast" mantra. The drive to push limits in the pursuit of excellence creates a brotherhood for extreme athletes, musicians, artists and those who live with heart and passion.

In March, Affliction will introduce its newest line, Affliction Sport. Blurring lines between fashion and fitness, Affliction Sport, is engineered to turn up the volume on training. Created at the request of a rich stable of professional athletes who support the brand, Affliction listened to their demands and designed a casual athletic line that allows athletes to maximize performance and train in style. In and out of the gym, Affliction Sport provides a clean and polished look.

The line utilizes a specialty knit fabric developed by Affliction called Tetris Mock Twist. This performance based jersey fabric is knit using multi-colored yarns, which give it a digital Tetris look and a very soft and comfortable hand feel. The Cotton/Poly blended Tetris Mock Twist fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and has a cooling effect, for extreme comfort at peak performance levels.

The new collection features streamlined art subtly distressed for a vintage yet modern look which is new to the Affliction brand. The designs focus on Afflictionís iconic logo in bright pops of color printed using waterbase inks mixed with high-density inks for subtle 3D effects. The line also utilizes reflective ink that produces a strobe-like affect when lit. This reflective technology makes the wearer visible at night, bridging the gap between safety and style.

Affliction Sport, for those who are willing to endure pain and suffering to push the limits of what is possible. Keep the drive alive!

To hear Jose Luiz Sanchezís incredible story, view the video below:

AFFLICTION: The passion that drives us to reach for greatness. We are inspired by those who live fast and are willing to endure pain and suffering to push the limits of what is possible. You embrace the ideology of never say I canít, but I am the first who ever has. your affliction makes you build when others buy. You believe in craftsmanship over commodity. Your affliction makes you lead when others choose to follow. You create when others consume. You hear music when others hear noise. Your affliction lets you see beyond the chaos as art emerges from within. You will rise, you will fall, but you will greet the challenge. You, innovators, are the fuel. Our affliction is a never-ending passion to design and create clothing that speaks to you. We share your insanity and will not be ignored. You inspire us. It is our affliction that binds us. Together we will change things. Every man dies, not every man truly lives! What is your affliction?

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