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Posted: October 1, 2016  

Athletics: This Week in Running for Week Ending September 25th

From The Analytical Distance Runner, the newsletter for the Association of Road Racing Statisticians with a focus on races, 3000m and longer, including road, track, and cross-country events. The ARRS has a website at

From Ken Young -

10 Years Ago- Haile Gebreselasie (ETH) won the Real Berlin with a 2:05:56, nearly five minutes ahead of runner-up Gudisa Shentama Kudama (ETH) at 2:10:43. Kurao Umeki (JPN) ran 3rd with a 2:13:43. The women's race was a bit closer, Getenesh Wami (ETH) winning over Salina Kosgei Chebet (KEN), 2:21:34 to 2:23:22. Monika-Mariola Stefanowicz (POL) was a distant 3rd at 2:30:12.

20 Years Ago- Stefano Baldini (ITA) won the IAAF World Championships (ESP) Half Marathon by 13 seconds over Josephat Kiprono (KEN), 1:01:17 to 1:01:30. Tendai Chimusasa (ZIM) was 3rd at 1:02:00. Xiu-juan Ren (CHN) outran Romanians Lidia Simon and Aurica Buia with a 1:10:39. Simon and Buia followed with 1:10:57 and 1:11:01 respectively.

30 Years Ago- Boguslaw Psujek (POL) came in first ahead of Henrik Jorgensen (DEN) at the Berlin (GER) Marathon, 2:11:03 to 2:11:49. Gabriel Kamau (KEN) was 3rd at 2:12:35. Charlotte Teske (GER) won the women;s race over Magda Ilands (BEL), 2:32:10 to 2:33:53. . Monika Schafer (GER) was 3rd at 2:34:05.

40 Years Ago- Lionel Ortega (USA) won the Springbank (ON/CAN) 12M (more like 11.5M) with a 55:47.6. John Vitale (USA) was next at 55:02 and David Northey (CAN) was 3rd at 55:55. Jack Fultz (USA) was 5th (56:27), Brian Armstrong (CAN) 6th (56:34), and Don Kardong (USA) was 13th (58:10). Donna Valatis (CAN) was a clear winner in the women's 7K, well ahead of Peg Neppel (USA), 22:45 to 23:21. Kathy Prosser (CAN) was 3rd at 23:34. Brenda Webb (USA) was 4th (23:54) and Francie Larrieu (USA) was 5th (23:57).

50 Years Ago- Bernard Gomersall (ENG) won the London-Brigton (ENG) 50M over Manie Kuhn (RSA), 5:32:50 to 5:33:43. Tom Malone (RSA) was 3rd (5:34:06) and Ted Corbitt (USA) was 5th (5:52:07).

60 Years Ago- John J Kelley (USA) won the Yonkers (NY/USA) Marathon with a 2:24:52.2. Dean Thackwray (USA) was 2nd (2:31:14), Nicholas Costes (USA) was 3rd (2:31:52) and Ted Corbitt (USA) was 6th (2:39:30). The course was about 200m short.

70 Years Ago- Stanislaw Przybylko won the Polish marathon title with a 3:11:34.

80 Years Ago- Max Beer won the Swiss marathon title with a 2:45:56.8.

90 Years Ago- Alfred Freyer won the Polish marathon title with a 2:56:45.

100 Years Ago- Leonard Tikkanen (FIN) won a marathon in Helsinki FIN with a 2:47:53 (distance 40.2 km).

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