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Posted: October 16, 2016:  

Athletics: British Richard Waldron and German Sabine Stadler are the winners of the Palma de Mallorca Marathon 2016

Over 10,000 athletes have followed the sun today during the Palma de Mallorca Marathon 2016 in a hot and sunny day. British Richard Waldron and German Sabine Sadler are the winners of the marathon race, a really international race with participants from 48 different nationalities.

The female and male winners of the marathon lead the race from the start of the race and have an easy victory. Richard Waldron crossed the finish line in 2h38:18, almost two minutes ahead of Kennet Smeby. Third was local athlete Tolo Fiol (2h41:51). Sabine Stadler, from Germany finised in 3h07:49, while Annette Hausmann and Sandra Fätsch were second and third, respectively.

In the half marathon, British Robert Danson repeated his 2015 victory, improving in one minute his result (1h11:06). Local athlete Sebastiana Llabres, who won the full marathon in 2015, got a smooth victory in 1h22:10.

Abdessa Rja (32:28) and Austirna Cornelia Moser (37h15) were the winners of the 10km race.

The new name and concept brings to Palma de Mallorca, one of the main touristic places in Europe, in the Balearic Islands, a high quality event that is not only a marathon, is a full weekend of run, tourism and leisure for beginners or experienced athletes, and their families.

1.	Richard Waldron 2h38:31 (GBR)
2.	Kennet Smeby 2h39:57
3.	Tolo Fiol Soler 2h42:05

1.	Sabine Stadler 3h07:49 (GER)
2.	Annette Hausmann 3h15:13
3.	Sandra Fätsch 3h18:23

1.	Robert Danson 1h11:06 (GBR)
2.	Damiá Ramis Pons 1h12:12
3.	Carlos Martínez Graus 1h13:22

1.	Sebastiana Llabrés 1h22:10 (ESP)
2.	Maria Hochegger 1h23:51
3. 	Clare Revees 1h24:26

1.	Abdessa Rja 32:28 (ESP)
2.	Tomeu Rigo Mas 33:23
3.	Mat Acock 33:27

1.	Cornelia Moser 37:15 (AUS)
2.	Beatriz Antolín Pérez 37:58
3.	Ingeborg Dahl  40:52

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