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  Updated:   May 20, 2021
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Nutrition Sites
Sports Medicine Related Sites   "Achilles tendon: injury treatment, injury prevention, specialists, and more.."
Agility Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic  
Algonquin Sports Therapy Clinic - Ottawa, ON   "Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Custom Orthotics, Braces, Bike Fitting"
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons  
American College of Sports Medicine  
American Fitness Professional Association (AFPA)  
(The) American Nordic Ski Walking System  
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine  
American Sports Data, Inc.   "The Specialist in Sports and Fitness Research Since 1983"
American Urological Association Paper   Sexual & Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Female Cyclists
Anna Weltman's Columns   Sports Psychology Articles
B.O.S.S. Fitness   " B.O.S.S. offers online personal training, an exercise equipment e-store, and sports injury rehabilitation"
Best Liquid Vitamins   "Nutrition Information And Products For Weight Loss, Health, And Wellness"
Bike2Body   "Professional Bike Fitting and Physiotherapy for Cyclists"
BIOflex Medical Magnetics, Inc.  
Body Basics Massage Therapy - Cary, NC   "Sports Massage for Athletes"
Body Break  
Boscosystem   "Through our science you will discover your true value"
British Association of Sport and Exercise  
British Journal of Sports Medicine - BJSM Online  
British Journal of Sports Medicine BMJ Publishing Group  
Broken Beauties   "Info, product & services for anyone with a broken bone"
Brooks Running Canada Sports Medicine   "Comprehensive Information To Runners Of All Ages And Ability"
Cardiac Athletes   "The Website For Pioneers Of Cardiology"
Carolina SportsMedicine
Chronic Pain Store   "Because Life Shouln't Hurt"
Cooper Institute - Dallas, TX  
Cure Running Injuries  
CWG Footcare Inc. - Ottawa, ON   "Sports Medicine, Orthopedic and Compression Supports" - Sports Medicine Center   Dr. C. Everett Koop
Dr. Foot   "Dr Foot provides foot care and sports injuries advice"
Dr. Jenkins Medical Tent
Dr. John Robertson's Sportsmedicine Columns
Dr Kiper--Silicone Dynamic Orthotics  
Dr. Scholl's  
Dr. Gabe Mirkin   Dr. Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness and Nutrition
Dr. Pribut's Sports Medicine Page
Dr. Steve Pelletier Chiropractor   "Information on treatment of sport injuries, articles on sport injuries"
Dr. Zapf   Foot Specialist   The ONline Health & Fitness Network
Elizabeth Primrose Sport Injury Counselling  
Endurance Factor   "Endurance Sports Coaching"
ePodiatry's Sports Medicine Resources  
Europe's Best Podiatry Supplies  
Everything About Achilles Tendons  
Find UK State Registered Chiropodists / Podiatrists   "Directory for finding SRCh podiatry / chiropody foot care in the UK"
Fitness & Sports Medicine   InteliHealth
Fitness Botanical Skin Care Company   "Motion Medica Botanical Skin Care Products For Athletes and Physical Fitness"   "The Foot Health Network"   "How To Use the Foot Arch"
Foot Pain Explained   "A podiatrist discusses foot pain symptoms"
FootWeb   Footcare Treatment Information Resource
Foxx Sportscare  
Gary Moller - Sports Medicine and Natural Health Consultant   "Sports medicine,nutrition and injury prevention advice"
Gatorade Sports Science Institute   *New Site*
Go Ask Alice   Fitness and Nutrition Search on Sportsmedicine Sites  
Hat Trick Sports  "Provider of sports medicine supplies"
Hawaiian Ironman Sports medicine Conference 
Heel That Pain  "Advanced orthotics for plantar fasciitis and heel pain"
Health (and Fitness)  NBCi Health Center
Healthline  "Medical Information for Healthy Living"  "Health Risk Assessments And Calculators" - ManuLife 
Human Kinetics
(The) Hydration Story - Fluid Replacement & Exercise  CamelBak  Fitness
INFOGRAPHY about Running Injury   "Superlative sources selected by a professor who specializes in the study of running injuries"
Injury Rehab Advice 
Institute for Physical and Sports Therapy 
ITBS Help Site  "Ilio Tibial Band Syndrome"
JCCC Athletic Training  Johnson Community College
Joint Rehab & Sports Medical Center  "Non surgical treatments & prevention programs for athletes by doctors who are athletes"
Lactate Testing   "Lactate Pro portable lactate analyzer information and purchasing"
LifeTouch Therapeutics Registered Massage Therapy - Ottawa, ON  
LilySteps   "Steps To Better Heath"
Massage Therapy Beverly MA   "Massage Therapy Sports Deep Tissue"
Massage Topsfield Massachusett   "Topsfield massage therapy & bodywork - Melissa D. Berry LMT"
Massaggi   "Provides sports massage treatments to help optimize running and sports performance "
Master's Athlete Physiology and Performance   Stephen Seiler PhD., Norway
Mayo Clinc Fitness and Sportsmedicine Center  
(The) Medical Tent   Published by Mark A. Jenkins, M. D.
Medical Tent - RoadRunner Sports   Sports Injuries
Medsite Health & Fitness Links  
MedWeb Sports Medicine
Mental Skills Coach   "Advanced Mental Skills Coaching for Sport, Sports Hypnotherapy"
Mercx Manual   Sports Injuries
Mile Nine Sport Physiotherapy - Dedicated to all things 'Running'   "Sport Physiotherapy and Running Clinic"
Momentum Massage Therapy - Ottawa, ON  
Montgomery Massage
Move Forward   " Tips for Runners"
NISMAT Runner's Resource Guide  
Olympic Physical Therapy and Foot Orthotics - Rhode Island  
On-The-Go Physiotherapy - Ottawa  
Online Yoga Classes   "The Julie Wilcox Method is an innovative approach..."
Orleans Chiropractic and Sport Injury 
Ortho Athletic   10% Runner's Web Discount!
On Checkout - Type in the Promotional Code - "Runners Web" (Case Sensitive - No Quotes)
Ortho Athletic Sports Medicine Products   "Online retailer selling sports medicine products"
Orthotics   "Dr. Kiper's special Orthotics can help prevent running injuries.."
Ottawa High Performance Centre   "Athletic therapy, massage therapy, strength & conditioning, sport psychology"
Ottawa Osteopathy  "The happy body is : proper posture, proper exercise, proper nutrition"
Ottawa Osteopathy & Sports Therapy   "Athletic Therapy, Osteopathy & Massage"
Ottawa PSI Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centres   "Feel better, perform better, play bette" - Running Injury Prevention and Rehab
PattStrap . Com   "PattStrap PSC KneeGuard ElbowGard CarpelGard..."
(The) Peaceful Runner  : "Is running injury free for the rest of your life important to you?"
Peak Performance Online   UK
Peak Performance Sports   "Instilling Confidence for a Competitive Edge"
Peak Sport Therapy - Edmonton, AB   "Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Performance Training Services"
Physician and Sportsmedicine  
Physigraphe System  
Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Heel Pain  
Plantar Fasciitis Cold Therapy Wraps to Stop Swelling and Pain and Aid Healing  
Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Heel Pain  
PROFoot Care   " The Smart Choice in FootCare"   "Physical Therapy educational website"
Pure Sports Medicine   "Specialist UK sports medicine practice"
R2F - Return 2 Fitness   "Hot,Cold and Inversion Therapy"
RE:FORM Body Clinic - Ottawa, ON  
Return 2 Fitness - Sports Medical Products - UK  
Runsport Specific Chiropractic and Active Tissue Release  
Runner's Clinic  On the Run
Runner's Doc  "You've Got Feet - We've Got Answers"
(The) Runner's Edge  "Developing The Mentally Tough Runner"
Runner's Relief  "For bowed tendon & suspensory ligament injuries"
Runners Rescue   "Information To Prevent And Treat Running Injuries"
(The) Running Doc  
Running Injuries   "Sports injury clinic has information on over 100 sporting injuries..."
Running Physiology and Performance
Running Research Junkie   "I go where the evidence takes me; convince me otherwise"
Sanderstead Physiotherapy - UK  
Shin Splints   InfoSeek Search
Shin Splints Treatment  
SnowPack Ice Therapy  
(The) S.P.O.R.T. Clinic 

Solefit Orthotics - Ottawa, ON "Custom Orthotics and Footwear Analysis"
South African Institute for Drug Free Sport - South Africa 
Southern California Orthopedic Institute 
Sport-Med, Inc.  
Sportie Doc   Tamsin Lewis
Sports Coach  Online Training Info
SportsDegreesOnline Jobs in Sportsmedicine  
Sports Injury Bulletin  
Sports Medicine Australia
Sports Psychology Inc.   "Enhancing Performance in Sports and Life"   "For all your sports related medical supplies in the UK"
Sportsmedicine Australia  
Sportsmedicine Council of Alberta  
Sportsmedicine Council of BC  
Sports and Exercise Psychology  
Sports Injury Bulletin  
Sports Med   "New Zealand's Leading Sport's Medicine & Rehabilitation Clinic"
Sports Science   From New Zealand - UK  
Sports Therapy Clinic at Carleton University - Ottawa, ON   UK
Sport! Science@TheExploratorium  
Sporty Doctor  
(The) Stretching Handbook   Australian Site
  "Physiotherapy and Athletic Conditioning"
Study on Bone Density of Female Runners  
Sunny Maya Registered Massage Therapy Clinic - Ottawa,ON
:Surrey Physio - UK  
The Running Doctor   "Information related to sports medicine, running injuries prevention and care."
Therapeutic Massage New Zealand   "Self Incorporated Ltd specializes in providing different types of massage therapies"
Therion Professional Biomagnetic Product Solutions   "Extensive professional line of magnetic therapy products"   "For all your sports related medical supplies in the UK"   "For all your sports related medical supplies in the UK"
TheStick for Muscle Wellness   "Eliminate Muscle Soreness & Pain"
Tinsley Chiropractic   "Chiropractic practice including nutrition, fitness & non-invasive treatments"
Training Room   ESPN
University of Sydney - School of Exercise and Sport Science  
VHI-Health   "A Wealth of Health Online"
Virtual Sports Injury Clinic  
Vitality Massage - Asheville, NC  
Washington Post Health & Fitness  
Wellington Chiropractic   ON
Westboro Physiotherapy Center   Ottawa, ON
World Health Network  
Yamuna Body Rolling   "Health, Fitness & Massage rolled into one!"
Yoga: A Review of the Yoga for Runners DVD
Yorkshire Podiatry Services   "Foot Injuries and Treatment"
Your Performing Edge   "Complete Mind-Body Program for Excellence in Sports..."
Nutrition Sites
American Dietetic Association  
KB Nutrition  : "Customized Nutrition By Kim Mueller, MS, RD, Sports Nutritionist"
NutriFit Online  
(The) Running Nutritionist - Lisa Dorfman  

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