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  Updated:   February 18, 2008
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Health and Fitness: A Review of the Yoga for Runners DVD
Triathlon: First Iron Distance Race for Ottawa
Triathlon: Chris Lieto wins 2005 Ironman Canada. Lessing fades to 4th
Triathlon: First Olympic Triathlon Teammates expecting first babies
Triathlon: Will 2005 be another winner for Peter Henning at Kona?
Triathlon: Heather Fuhr – More than a Pretty Face
Triathlon: Armstrong takes Paris: Fuhr wins Lake Placid again
Athletics: Catching up with Frank Shorter
Multisport: Grows Traffic 68% over 2004
Athletics: Runner's Web 20 Questions with Mike Woods
Triathlon: A Brief Chat with Lance Watson
Olympics: See You In Torino Fund Supports Canadian Olympians
Triathlon: Twenty Questions with Sharon Donnelly Interview with Ken Parker, Founder of
Athletics: places Ottawa in the centre of the world of running
Sportsmedicine: New Study Finds 13 % Hyponatremia At Boston Marathon
Athletics: An Open Letter to Athletics Canada
Triathlon: Runner's Web 20 Questions with Geneviève Pellerin
Athletics: Runner's Web 20 Questions - Rebecca Stallwood
Triathlon: Twenty Questions with Triathlete Emma Snowsill
Athletics: Ottawa's Middelkoop Inducted into UTC Hall of Fame
Triathlon: Somersault Promotions brings Ontario's Only Iron Distance Triathlon to Ottawa
Athletics: 'Saint Ralph', The Story Of A Ninth Grader's Quest To Win The Boston Marathon Opens April 1st
Multisport: What Effect Does Altitude Training Have On Athletic Performance?
Multisport: Fat As Fuel - What value are medium-chain triglycerides as an energy source for endurance athletes?   Posted October 22, 2004
Science of Sport: Age And Fat: As you get older, do you have to get fatter?
Multisport: Race Pacing
Multisport: Take A Break And Keep Your Fitness
Athletics: "It's been a fun ride!" - Bruce Deacon
Multisport: Potential Physiological Benefits of Altitude Training
Ironman Triathlon: How To Determine The Optimum Intensity
Multisport: Specificity of Training
Athletics: Running Economy
Cycling: Cardinal Rules of Training
Athletics: Twenty Questions for Nicole Stevenson, Canada's Top Female Marathoner
Multisport: Implement Trail Running in Base for Injury Prevention
Multisport: Coming Back from a Sports Injury
Multisport: 'Why am I so tired?' Recognizing and dealing with fatigue
Multisport: The Lactate Curve
Multisport: Running Injuries, Sports Injuries and Treatment for Pulled Muscles
Multisport Nutrition: Energizing Your Exercise
Multisport: Don’t Gain What You Don’t Want To Work Off
Multisport: Mental Fatigue - When your brain tells you to stop going, here's how to tell it to shut up
Cycling: Important Elements of Position
Olympics: A Letter to Chris Rudge, Canadian Olympic Committee
Olympics: Worthy Canadian athletes left at home
Science of Sport: The Effects of Blood Donation on Endurance Athletes
Athletics: Bruce Deacon Comments on Canadian Olympic Committee Athens 2004 Standards
Athletics: Why is Canada ashamed of its best athletes?
By Nicole Stevenson, Marathoner
Triathlon: Pal Helps Ease a Rocky Boulder Beginning.
Another in a series of columns by triathlete Sharon Donnelly
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's Race Report World Championships Madeira, Portugal
Running and Triathlon: Website a gathering place for running world
Multisport: Strength, Speed, and Power Progression to Peak
Multisport: How ‘Net Carbs’ Can Hurt Athletes by Ashley Kipp
Athletics: Trail Runners' Curse: Poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac
Athletics: The Hard/Easy Principle
Cycling: Cardinal Rules of Training
Athletics: Controlling Emotion and Thought
Sportsmedicine: Achilles Tendonitis and Achilles Tendon Injury - Prevention & Treatment Strategies
Athletics: Walking Can Be Good For Runners   by James Raia
Athletics: Analyze Your Motivation and Discipline
Female Distance Runners in Kenya
Part I: The Rise of Kenya's Women Runners
Part II: The Pioneers Who Led the Way
Part III: Crazy Catherine, on Top of the World
Part IV: Lornah and her Camp for Girls
Part V: Fast Forward: Looking toward a new Kenya  

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