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  Updated:   February 9, 2023
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adidas Training Base Caleculator  
Alive Publishing 
Health Tools 
Wellness Health Calculator  
Vdot Calculator and Training Paces  
Athletics Performance 
Comparison of world record and other athletic performances using statistical models Calulators 
Finishing Time Predictor, Marathon Time Predictor, Pace Calculator, Finish Time Calculator
Opens in new window
BLAZNFast Tools 
Sport Calculators  
Bodyfat Calculators 
The Rusty Iron Bodyfat CalculatorPage Calculators 
Target HR, Calorie Burn, BMI, BMR and Product Comparison Charts  
Boston Marathon Race Split Calculator 
BAA Split Calculator   Takes terrain into consideration - Cycling Calculators - Running Calculators
Calorie Counter - Calories Burned, BMI & BMR Calculator
Stress Quiz 
Running Calculators
Discovery Channel 
Health Calculators
Donovan's Running Page 
Programs / Calculators 
Calculators-Interactive Assessment Tools
*Diet and Nutrition
*General Health
*Risk Assessment
*Asthma, Heart Disease Risk,Cholesterol Reduction, Pregnancy Due Date.. Calculators
Fast Food Calorie Counter 
Fast Food Calorie Counter From the Washington Post  
Fitness Online Calculators 
Body Mass Index Calculator  
Calories Burned Calculator  
Ideal Weight Calculator  
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator  
Sleep Calculator Calculators  Requires Java
Calculator Includes These Functions
* Blood Pressure Analysis
* Body Mass Index
* Heart Rate Zones
* Ideal Weight
* Measure Heart Rate
* Optimum Weight
* Percent Body Fat (Circumference)
* Percent Body Fat (YMCA)
* Risk of Chronic Disease
Gatorade  Requires Java
> Fluid Loss Calculator   "Search for Calculator"
HealthCalc Network 
HealthCalc Network Cool Tools  
HealthScout Calculators  
Diet and Health Calculators  
Hear Center Online  
Heart Tools  
Heart Zone  
Heart Zone Heart Rate Calculator   [Opens in New Window]
Heat Index Chart  
Heat Index Chart from Gatorade  
InteliHealth Cool Tools  
IWhat Happened to InteliHealth  
Jack Daniels  
VDOT Calculator  
Race Pace Calculator in French and English  
MachineHead Software - UK
Cycling Software  
Lucozade Nutrition Planner Calculators:Running, Training, Fitness, Health.. Calculators  
Marathon Pace Calculator
Marathon Pace Calculator  
Marco Marathon Calculator
Marathon Calculator of MARCO  
McMillan Running, Inc.
McMillan's Equivalent Performance and Training Pace Calculator  
Merv's Running  
Merv's Running Calculator  
MREDKJ Pace Calculators  
MREDKJ Pace Calculators  
*Custom Pace Calculator
*Pace Calculator V.3 - Generate pace charts
*Race Time Predictor  
Body Fat Monitor   "Free online body fat monitor"  

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Powered By: - the webs FREE Calorie Counter - Health  
Health Interactives   Fat Burning, Body Mass, Calorie Calculator, BMR  
Nike Pace Calculator [Click on Tools]  
Also Chicago and New York Pace Calculators
North American Racewalking Foundation   Uses Java
Age Grading  
Body Mass Index Calculator  
Road Course Calculator  
Running2Win Calculators  
Track Calculator   Lane distances, etc...
Mercier Calculators
Mathematical Models of Athletic Performances  
Mercier Scoring Tables Development Center Calculators  
onHealth Calculators: BMI, HeartRate,and More...
onHealth Calculators  
Ortho Athletic
Health Calculators
Protein Requirement Calculator
Protein Calculator   From
Performance Predictors  
Performance Predictors   From
Royal Victoria Marathon Pace Calculator  
Run The Planet (RTP)  
RTP Shoe Width Calculator  
RunCoach Calculators  
RunPlanner & Other Freeware  
Running Wizard   "Discover your racing potential"
RVM All-In-One Calculator   "Calculate race paces, equivalent race performances and estimated VO2max and lactate threshold running paces"
Runner's World  
Running & Racing - University of Metz  
Calculators for Physiological Measurements  
Running Endurance Calculator  
Calculate Carbohydrate Requirements for a Marathon  
Running For Fitness Calculators  
Race Paces, VO2 Training Zones, Heart Rate Training, Weight and Diet Calculators  
RunningMan 2003  
Excel Calculator Running Logs   [In Dutch]
Running The Numbers  
Age Group Performance Adjustment  
Running Times Magazine  
Running Times Split Calculator  
Science Sportsware  
Online Tools for Calculations of HR, Pace, etc.   Requires JavaScript
Sport Distance Calculator  
Sport Distance Calculator   "Calculate the total distance and elevation change of a route" Triathlon  
Calculators   Fitness Tests and More - In French
Washington Post  
Body Calculator   "Find Out How Fit You Are"
Weight Age Grading Calculator  
Flyer Handicap Calculator
Windchill Calculation  
Wind Chill Calculation  
From the National Weather Service in the US Cool Tools  
Body Mass Index/bo+dy Fat Calculators
Read about BMI and the following JavaScripts
Are You Overweight ? BMI by P. Lutus   Arachnoid JavaScript
BMI Calculator   National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
BMI Calculator from (The) Calculator Site /TD>
BMI Calculation Using Kilograms and Centimetres  JavaScript
BMI Calculation Using Pounds and Inches  JavaScript BMI Calculation  the women's network Health Calculator  the women's network
Calorie Counter Calculators/BMR
Calorie Calculators
Basal Metabolism Calculator   Requires Java
Basal Metabolism Calculator   Requires JavaScript
Calorie Use Chart  American Heart Association
Exercise Calorie Calculator  JavaScript
Calorie Calculator  Stevens Creek Software
Calorie Calculator  Java - Stevens Creek Software
Jenkins RunCalculator Calorie Counter  Java -
Runner's Web kCal-Culator Calorie Calculator   JavaScript
Runner's Web The Calorie Wizard  JavaScript
Marathon Pace Charts
README File for Pace Charts
3:00/Km to 3:35/Km
3:35/Km to 4:10/Km
4:10/Km to 4:45/Km
4:45/Km to 5:20/Km
5:20/Km to 5:55/Km
5:55/Km to 6:30/Km
Miscellaneous Calculators
Body Fat Percentage Information 
Body Fat Estimator  Stevens Creek Software - CGI Script
Health Calculator   iVillage
Heart Rate Calculator  
Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator   Javascript Based on New Formula
Heat Index Calculator & More...  JavaScript
Runner's Web FASTEST Man & Woman in the World  JavaScript
Runner's Web Recovery Index JavaScript  JavaScript
Track Lane Distance Calculator  JavaScript
Track Markings - Runner's World 
Miscellaneous Running/Fitness Tables
Age Adjusted Performance Tables
Age Grading Calculator (WAVA)- Athletics Performance  Javascript
Computerized Scoring Tables
Decathlon & Heptathlon Scoring Calculator  
Distance Conversion Miles/Kilometers   JavaScript
Healthy Body Calculator   Ask the Dietitian - Joanne Larsen
Height & Weight Charts  
Running Pace Chart - Miles   Marathon Sports
Race / Workout Pace Calculators Pace Calculator  JavaScript
GarageGym Running Pace Chart   Find Your Race-Day Paces for 7 Common Race Distances
Javascript Source Pace Calculator  JavaScript
Marathon Pace Charts   Rob Klima
Marathon Splits Calculator   Requires Excel; From Graham Dudfield
Marathon Splits Pace Calculator   JavaScript
Pace Calculator  JavaScript
Race Pace Calculator - Any Distance: Kms or Miles  Terry McConnell
Runner's Web Race Pace Calculator  JavaScript
Runner's World Training Pace Calculator   JavaScript
Split Times Calculator and Wristband Printer  JavaScript
The Pace Wizard   Team Oregon
Race Time Prediction Calculators
Marathon Splits Pace Calculator/Predictor
Performance Factor and Pace Calculator-P. Hoffman  
Race Time Predictor   Requires Java
Riegel Race Time Prediction  JavaScript
Runner's Race Performance Predictor   Java From Hank Gac
Runner's Web Race Time Calculator  JavaScript
Runner's Web Race Time Predictor  JavaScript
Runner's World Calculators 
Running Calculator 
Training Calculator - Predict Your Marathon Time  
WAVA Age-grading Calculator 
VO2 Max Calculators
Overview of VO2 Max   From CoolRunning Site
Calculate your Max VO2   (Non JavaScript)
Max VO2 Charts   Relative VO2 Max Norms
Runner's Web Calculate your Max VO2   JavaScript
World Record Comparison
World Record Comparison  

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