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Lynne Bermel's Column
Updated:   June 6, 2008
Athletics: Interview with Tara Quinn-Smith on her Marathon Debut
Triathlon: Sneak Preview of NBC Ironman Broadcast (Saturday, Dec 1)
Athletics: Radcliffe, Wami steal show in New York   Posted November 6, 2007
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Athletics: Another Year for the Record Books at Army Ten-Miler   Posted August 9, 2007
Triathlon: Hellard Shatters Course Record at Canadian Iron Distance Triathlon   Posted September 2, 2007
Triathlon: Canadian Iron Distance Race Will Take Local Athletes to the Limit   Posted August 28, 2007
Triathlon: Mike Collingwood Meech Lake Triathlon Celebrates 25 Years in Honour of Most Active Volunteer   Posted July 7, 2007
Athletics: Fast Field Remembers Emilie Mondor   Posted June 24, 2007
Triathlon: Movie Review: “What It Takes” Triathlon DVD   Posted January 10, 2007
Triathlon: Desiree Ficker - The Real Thing   Posted December 12, 2006
Triathlon: NBC Hawaii Ironman Tugs at Heart Strings. Oh, Yes, and There’s a Race   Posted December 7, 2006
Athletics: 40 is Magic for Ottawa’s Liz Maguire
Triathlon: Check Mate - Macca Creating Own Legacy   Posted November 23, 2006
Athletics: The ING New York Marathon Story   Posted November 9, 2006
Athletics: Deena Kastor and the New York City Marathon   Posted November 2, 2006
Triathlon: World Ironman Championships - Stadler Sets Bike Record: Jones Dethrones Badmann   Posted October 23, 2006
Triathlon: World Ironman Championships - Close Race Expected   Posted October 20, 2006
Triathlon: Ottawa – New Mecca for Triathlons   Posted October 19, 2006
Triathlon: Paradise Hawaii   Posted October 19, 2006
Triathlon: Heather Fuhr Brings Fresh Approach to Hawaii   Posted October 10, 2006
Triathlon: Lauren Groves: Finds Her Form in 2006   Posted September 21, 2006
Athletics: Emilie Mondor: Life Cut Too Short   Posted September 13, 2006
Athletics: Brooks Gets Marathon Back on Track   Posted September 5, 2006
Athletics: Canadian Track & Field Championships: Highs and Lows   Posted August 7, 2006
Multisport: Meet Jimmy Archer   Posted August 3, 2006
Cycling: Interview with Lance Armstrong   Posted July 10, 2006
Athletics: Emilie Mondor: Running Against Time   Posted June 15, 2006
Triathlon: Trautwig and Liggett talk about NBC Ironman TV Special   Posted November 10, 2005
Athletics: Ken Parker uses Hall of Fame platform to speak out about lack of support for Canada’s Olympians   Posted October 26, 2005
Athletics: Ford Ironman World Championships - The Ecstasy of Victory and the Agony of Defeat   Posted October 17, 2005
Triathlon: Faris’ Day On!   Posted October 16, 2005
Triathlon: Drugs in Ironman - Something to Prove?   Posted October 15, 2005
Triathlon: Winning is Getting to the Starting Line   Posted October 14, 2005
Triathlon: Oh Canada - Canadians among the best at World Ironman Championships   Posted October 13, 2005
Triathlon: 'World Series of triathlons' pushes athletes to the limit   Posted October 12, 2005
Triathlon: First Iron Distance Race for Ottawa   Posted September 4, 2005
Triathlon: Heather Fuhr – More than a Pretty Face   Posted August 2, 2005
Triathlon: Armstrong takes Paris: Fuhr wins Lake Placid again   Posted July 25, 2005
Athletics: Catching up with Frank Shorter   Posted July 18, 2005
Triathlon: Twenty Questions with Sharon Donnelly   Posted May 24, 2005
Ultra Running: Q&A with Endurance Athlete Ray Zahab   Posted March 31, 2005
June 20, 2003 -Athletics: Catching up with Sandy Jacobson
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May 8, 2001 -NCM Weekend Draws Best Elite Field Ever
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January 27, 2000 -An Interview With Carol Montgomery
January 18, 2000 -Making It To The Olympics
December 29, 1999 -Motivation for the Millennium
December 21, 1999 -Lynne's Christmas Column
Lori Bowden December 6, 1999 - Lori Bowden Interview

Read this in-depth interview with Canadian Superstar Ironman triathlete Lori Bowden, 1999 Hawaii Ironman Champion.

December 1, 1999 -The Importance of Rest
November 25, 1999 -X-C Ski Profile: Lise Meloche & Dave McMahon
November 16, 1999 - Ironman
November 9, 1999 - Biker's Banquet
November 2, 1999 - Profiling The Runner's Web
October 26, 1999 - A Profile on Don Leroux
Runner's Web Interview with Lynne Bermel
About Lynne Bermel

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About Lynne Bermel

Lynne Bermel Lynne Bermel is a corporate communications and marketing expert as well as a television host and columnist for a number of publications. During her career, she has interviewed dignitaries, media celebrities, sports personalities and everyday people, both for print and television.

A former professional athlete, she brings a wealth of experience and credibility to her coverage of professional and amateur sports. It also gives her a unique perspective on why people compete, whether it’s for the gold medal or the triumph over personal adversity. Having achieved a top 5 world ranking in the IronmanTM, she has a special insight into endurance sports, which she has successfully translated to other sports at the local, national and international levels.

Among her many athletic achievements, Lynne was the gold medalist at the World Military Triathlon Championships in Ghent Belgium. She also helped her team to a silver medal at the World Military Games in Italy and has represented her native Canada at numerous other events around the world. She is also one of the first females inducted into the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame.

Lynne understands media from both sides of the camera. As a triathlete, she’s been covered around the globe by ESPN, TSN, Japanese, Australian and European TV, and has been written about extensively by the print media. As a journalist, she has interviewed such luminaries as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, self-help guru Robin Sharma, NHL broadcaster Ron MacLean and Walter Gretzky, father of the greatest hockey player of all time.

On the marathon and triathlon front, she’s interviewed many of the greats: Frank Shorter, Grete Waitz, Uta Pipping, Katherine Switzer, Dave Scott and Paula Newby-Fraser. Her recent stories have featured current stars like Simon Lessing, Simon Whitifield, Heather Fuhr, Lisa Bentley, Peter Reid and Chris MacCormack.

Lynne has published a national magazine for the Canadian military. In television, she writes the scripts for the shows she hosts and then delivers on camera. She has an innate ability to identify good storylines and can get her interviewees to talk openly and freely about the things that matter most to the viewer.

Lynne’s latest interviews are available on the RunnersWeb, one of the most popular multi-sport sites in the world, at

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