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Interviews and First Person Accounts
Multisport: What Effect Does Altitude Training Have On Athletic Performance?
Running and Triathlon: Website a gathering place for running world   Posted April 19, 2004
This was supposed to be, as Ken Parker tells it, nothing more than a hobby
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's April Update   by Steve Weiler - Posted April 6, 2004
Triathlon: Athletes Have Many Options To Consider For 'Downtime' From Training Posted March 27, 2004
Triathlon: Triathlon: Asthma won't keep triathlete sidelined   Posted March 8, 2004
Triathlon: 20 Questions for Canada's Simon Whitfield, Olympic Champion   Posted February 8, 2004
Athletics: 'The Springbank International Road Races: A Brief History'   by Steve Weiler - Posted December 13, 2003
Triathlon: Touring the globe on Olympic trail   Posted December 4, 2003
Triathlon: 10 Wonderful Things About A Long Distance Triathlon   Posted November 11, 2003
Triathlon: From Moscow to Paris - Living Abroad and Competing for Canada   Posted October 3, 2003
Athletics: Speed Development Congress to be held in November   by Paul Grech - Posted September 29, 2003
Athletics: British Coaches Looking For Strength in Unity   September 13, 2003
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's End Of Summer Update   Posted September 8, 2003
A One-Year Olympic Countdown - Triathlete Sharon Donnelly Begins Detailing Her Athens Quest   Posted September 1, 2003
Athletics: The US College Athletics Scholarship Experience - Part III   Posted August 4, 2003
Athletics: The US College Athletics Scholarship Experience - Part II   Posted July 28, 2003
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's Race Reports from Corner Brook and Salford   Posted July 28, 2003
Athletics: The US College Athletics Scholarship Experience - Part I   Posted July 21, 2003
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's Canadian Triathlon Championships Report   Posted June 29, 2003
Triathlon: Natasha Filliol's Race Report ITU World Cup Gamagori June 15, 2003   Posted June 15, 2003
Athletics: Young Girl, Big Jumps by Paul Grech   Posted May 29, 2003
Multisport: The Fight for an Indoor Training Center in Ottawa   Posted May 22, 2003
Triathlon: Pressing for Triathlon's Inclusion in Mainstream Event   By Paul Grech - Posted May 20, 2003
Athletics: Late Starter Making His Mark   By Paul Grech - Posted May 6, 2003
Triathlon: Runner's Web 20 Questions with Gillian Bakker   - Posted April 30, 2003
Athletics: An Interview with Kathrine Switzer   - Posted April 28, 2003
Athletics: You Know You're Over The Hill When...Top Ten Symptoms   - Posted April 26, 2003
Athletics: Pulling Down the Age Barriers - by Paul Grech   - Posted April 22, 2003
Triathlon: An Interview with Sharon Donnelly and Leanda Cave "Down Under"   - Posted April 7, 2003
Triathlon: Catching Up With Sharon Donnelly Down Under   - Posted March 27, 2003
XC Skiing: Keskinada FIS Marathon Cup Race Report   A First Person Story by Sheila Kealey - Posted February 18, 2003
Triathlon: Triathlete is Living Out His Dreams   Triathlon in Malta - Posted January 8, 2003
Triathlon: Canadian Sharon Donnelly's World Triathlon Championships Report   - Posted November 20, 2002
Triathlon: 2002 ITU World Triathlon Championships, Cancun Mexico   Canadian Natasha Filliol's Race Report - Posted November 15, 2002
Athletics: The Early Use Of Computers In Road Racing - Ottawa, 1975   - Posted November 14, 2002
Women's Sports: Boomerang Strollercize   An Interview With Kelly Knoll - Posted November 13, 2002
Crossing Over - By Sheila Kealey   Sheila Takes on Cyclocross - Posted November 4, 2002
Natasha Filliol's Race Report for Makuhari Japan, and Funchal Portugal ITU World Cups - Posted October 19, 2002
Natasha Filliol's Race Report on the ITU Pan-American Regional Champs - Posted September 19, 2002
An Interview with Jill Savege, Canada's Rising Triathlon Star - Posted September 13, 2002
Triathlete Natasha Filliol's Report on her Commonwealth Games Experience - Posted August 16, 2002
Rudy and Paulís European (Ironman France) Adventure - Posted July 2, 2002
Muskoka Triathlon - Rainy Racing in Canada - Posted June 2002
A First Person Report by Natasha Filliol on the 2002 Nike Victoria International Triathlon - Posted June 20, 2002
An Interview with Joanne Mortimore, the Chief Operating Officer for Athletics Canada - Posted June 12, 2002
A Brief Interview with Triathlete Sharon Donnelly Prior to the Commonwealth Games Trials - Posted June 10, 2002
Of Archie Andrews and the Vancouver Marathon by Mark Loewen - Published June 4, 2002
Personal Stories from the National Capital Marathon - Updated March 17, 2005
ITU Winter Triathlon Championships, Canmore, Sheila Kealey - Posted March 19, 2002
An Interview with Lucy Smith, Canadian Multisport Athlete - Posted February 22, 2002
Jerome Drayton - Canada, Athletes of the marathon - The Greats - Posted February 21, 2002
An Interview with Natasha Filliol, Canadian Triathlete - Posted February 1, 2002
Olympic Threat To Triathlon - A View From Inside The ITU
Anne-Marie Gschwend was the Euopean Rep to the ITU until her recent resignation - Posted November 13, 2001
The Agony of Success
Julie Granahan is an avid runner who recently completed the Seattle half marathon. This is her story. - Posted August 22, 2001
Chilly toes and noses all part of the fun of winter triathlons
by Leanne Yohemas-Hayes - Posted May 17, 2001
When it comes to triathlons, the Hickman twins are double trouble for competitors
by Leanne Yohemas-Hayes - Posted May 14, 2001
Racing into the record books...Canada's Johnny Miles
by Pat MacAdam, Ottawa Sun - Posted April 29, 2001
Ex-Sprint Queen Hears Drug Doubts...Marita Koch
by Philip Hersh for the Chicago Tribune - Posted January 16, 2001...Part 4 in a Series
Sprinter Katrin Krabbe Seemed Bound For Olympic Glory. Then A Doping Suspension Helped End Her Career
by Philip Hersh for the Chicago Tribune - Posted January 12, 2001...Part 3 in a Series
Half Marathon Man by Peter Perkins   Posted January 6, 2001
Into the forbidden basement--a visit to the research institute where the sophisticated training and doping methods were developed...
by Philip Hersh for the Chicago Tribune - Posted January 2, 2001...Part 2 in a Series
Some Of The Elements Of The Disgraced East German Sports Machine Remain Part Of The Training.....
by Philip Hersh for the Chicago Tribune - Posted December 19, 2000...Part 1 in a Series
Running for 22 years, and he's still going James Christie, Globe and Mail: December 11, 2000
The Free Lunch - Benefits of Altitude Training by Neal Henderson: November 19, 2000
Athlete Humbled by the Hawaii Ironman by Leanne Yohemas-Hayes - November 10, 2000
Ironman New Zealand Winner Lisa Bentley's Pre Race Preparation -March 6, 2000
A First Person Account of Kate's First Triathlon -November 17, 1999
Sharon Donnelly, Triathlete-1999 Pan American Games Champion - October 10, 1999
Lynne Bermel, Former Ironman Triathlete - October 4, 1999
Tania Jones - August, 1999
The Ironwoman in Me by Leanne Yohemas-Hayes - August, 1999

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